BONOTOX Enters Global Market with the World's First Artificial Veil Cream

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Dec 24, 2019 17:07 KST

World\'s First Artificial Veil Cream of BONOTOX

BONOTOX, a cosmeceutical company which launched the world's first Artificial Veil Cream, en...

BONOTOX, a cosmeceutical company which launched the world's first Artificial Veil Cream, enters the Chinese market and opens a new field of cosmeceutical in China

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) December 24, 2019 -- BONOTOX, a cosmeceutical company which launched the world's first ‘Artificial Veil Cream’, announced that it will enter the Chinese market. BONOTOX is expecting to open a new field of cosmeceutical in China.

The Chinese market for skin care products accounts for 51.62% of all chemical products. This is catching attention because it is twice the world average. In addition, Chinese people's interest in skin care is steadily increasing.

In response to the market demands, BONOTOX has decided to introduce the world's first ‘Artificial Veil Cream’ to China.

Consumers in the emerging Chinese market have a unique perspective on branding and product appearance. In particular, there was a strong interest in high-quality products, new products, and brands. To this end, BONOTOX has set up products that meet market demands and trends.

BONOTOX is the world's first company to develop and commercialize Artificial Veil technology. Applying the ‘Artificial Veil Cream’ of BONOTOX will dissolve the high concentration of peptide in the skin. This promotes skin regeneration and helps delay aging. The cream helps to maintain the best skin condition thanks to Artificial Veil technology.

The company has signed distribution contracts with Japan, China, and Australia since its debut in the Korean market.

It has already built up considerable brand awareness in the Japanese market. Japan has a high preference for BONOTOX. It is solidifying its position by entering TSV (Today’s Special Value), which is an all-day program in Japan. Fuji TV has reported on BONOTOX as a business success story that is rapidly emerging in Japan.

In November, Tokyo National Museum successfully hosted a showcase of BONOTOX. Also, it is supposed to be aired on TSV again by next January. Those results make people to realize its brand awareness in Japan.

The world's most influential home shopping channel QVC has continued success in BONOTOX sold-out not only in Japan, but also in Europe such as UK and Germany.

As a pioneer in the new field of skin care, BONOTOX is actively researching on cosmeceutical field.

The Artificial Veil technology and growth are stimulating latecomers. In particular, SHISEIDO is expected to expand its market size by releasing artificial veil cream in 2020. Other latecomers are still struggling to launch their products. For the time being, BONOTOX is far ahead.

In consideration of this, on the 16th Dec, a new concept foundation was launched in Japan. The product was developed to improve wrinkles and cover the skin simultaneously.

BONOTOX is planning to become a beloved brand and lead the market.

An official of BONOTOX said, "Only the superior quality of products is the key to maintain a start-up company. We have earned the trust and respect of consumers through quality. We will spare no efforts to gain respect and love in the Chinese market in the future.”


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