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August 12, 2019 13:00 Korea Standard Time

HONG KONG--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Experts from Harvard University state that there are all preconditions for the next global crisis this year. IMF C-Suite representatives acknowledge that the risk of financial instability has now become stronger in the world. This possible economic collapse affects all business spheres. We recall that 2008 was the start of crisis in the world economics and it hasn’t been fully overcome by 2015. The losses of the US are comparable only with the Great Depression of the 1930s. In October 2008, China alone dedicated 4 trillion CNY ($585 billion) for the implementation of anti-crisis measures.

The innovative company - TeachMeCash - intensifies the most promising industry - EdTech. The turnover of this market is now $317 billion and will grow to $1 trillion by 2024.

We witness that eLearning is becoming as effective as traditional learning. TeachMeCash is an analytical platform aiming at improving the financial literacy of the global population, empowering people to increase and stabilize their capital without risks.

According to many recent releases, most academics acknowledge that online education is not inferior to the traditional. If in 2016, 31% of students were educating online, this percentage will become 50% in 2024.

So, the future is now, and its large part belongs to EdTech.

The product of TeachMeCash is an annual subscription to analytical services. Subscribers receive digests, become experts in the EdTech industry, next, share their opinions with us by filling out TeachMeCash surveys and get money for that. The company’s analysts segment those answers and sell this data to partners - developers of online education programs - for further monetization and actualization of partners' products.

Another natural goal of TeachMeCash is promoting the product without classic marketing activities. The idea of creating a network of own analytical centers across the world by 2025 led to the development of an affiliate marketing system. This is one more earning opportunity for clients and one more chance for TeachMeCash to spread the word about working on high-quality online education.

On September 6, 2019, Illia Danylenko, the TeachMeCash CEO, holds a free online master class for everyone who wants to develop and earn in EdTech. Find more details on the company’s website - www.teachmecash.com

Website: https://teachmecash.com/

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