JEJUMAMI Launches Snacks for Kids from Clean Jeju

Hokkeullak Chips, grain snacks made by mothers in Jeju

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Jul 31, 2019 17:11 KST

JEJU--(Korea Newswire) July 31, 2019 -- To parents who are looking for healthy and reliable foods for their children, JEJUMAMI offers Hokkeullak Chips, grain snacks made by mothers in Jeju, South Korea.

JEJUMAMI's signature Hokkeullak Chips are puffed grain food snacks made of black barleys from Jeju. It contains Jeju black barley, sun-dried sea salt, and enzyme-treated stevia. Enzyme-treated stevia is a natural sweetener featuring a healthy sweetness with low calories. It can also stabilize blood sugar, making it a good sugar substitute for people with diabetes or on a diet.

The chips do not just provide a great texture and taste but a visual delight with its horse- and hareubang (Jeju's stone statue) -like figure.

The chips are sold in Innisfree Green Cafe, Jeju Air's Air Cafe, Caffe Bene, Hyatt Regency Jeju, and Ramada Plaza Jeju. They can also be purchased at online shopping malls such as Market Kurly and Coupang.

The product was selected as Top 10 Must Buy In Jeju 2017 and awarded a grand prize from Korean Processed Rice Food and Traditional Liquor Festival 2018.

JEJUMAMI's other products, such as Jejubabsim Scorched Rice and Jejubabsang (Jeju local food table) Nutritious Rice, include a variety of foods made by ingredients from Jeju.

“I developed Hokkeullak Chips as a mother who is eager to provide children with healthy food only,” said Kim Jeong-ok, a president of JEJUMAMI. “JEJUMAMI means ‘magical rice from Jeju’ and we will develop processed rice foods made of Jeju's healthy local ingredients to live up to the name.”


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