Kankan Song Do-Soon Kimchi of CR F&C Releases 8 Kinds of Kimchi That Help to Keep Your Appetite in Hot Weather

News provided by CR F&C Co., Ltd.
Jun 28, 2019 10:22 KST

DANYANG--(Korea Newswire) June 28, 2019 -- CR F&C Co., Ltd., a Korean agricultural company specialized in Kimchi, has handpicked and presented its 8 kinds of Kankan Song Do-Soon Kimchi which are great for hot summer.

These eight kinds of best Kimchi for summer are categorized as “Baechu-kimchi” and “Delicacy kimchi” and are sold via various channels such as home shopping, shopping mall, and online mall.

Pogi kimchi featuring deep and refreshing taste and white kimchi, which has moderate seasoning and delivers kimchi’s nutrition without extreme spicy are the two types of kimchi in Baechu-kimchi category.

Only cabbages from high altitude agricultural areas over 600 meters above the sea level in Gangwon-do province and Haenam region are used for the kimchi. With grated apples in it, the kimchi has a less fishy smell and features light and simple taste that becomes even more refreshing as it ripens.

The Delicacy kimchi category has Chonggak-kimchi, Seokbakji, Kkakdugi, Watery Yeolmu-kimchi, Yeolmu-kimchi, and Nabak kimchi.

Chonggak-kimchi is made of thick, fresh young radish and has a crisp texture. Seokbakji and Kkakdugi go well with any kinds of food due to the rich flavor of radish. Watery Yeolmu-kimchi and Yeolmu-kimchi are popular in the summer as they are good for making Yeolmu noodles by using them with the light flavor and refreshing chill. Another summer delicacy is Nabak kimchi, which features rich texture and flavor of radish with sour soup.

“These 8 kinds of cabbage and delicacy kimchi for summer are extremely popular at home shopping and shopping mall,” Kyung-ja Chang, president of CR F&C Co., Ltd. said. “In hot summer, people can easily lose their appetite but sour, spicy, and refreshing delicacy kimchi will help you to keep your health in the season.”

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