Six Contestants Win a Trip to Wuxi City in Eastern China

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May 30, 2019 16:33 KST

YIXING, CHINA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) May 30, 2019 -- Located on the shore of Taihu Lake, one of China’s largest freshwater lakes, Wuxi is a several-thousand-year-old city with elegant and beautiful scenery. It is the bright pearl of Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province. Wuxi enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad for its rich tourism resources, pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and vibrant culture. In order to promote tourism, the Wuxi Tourism Bureau has selected international contestants to be “Wuxi Guests” through the #WhereInWuxi #WuxiPersonalityQuiz and #SpotTheDifferences contests. These winners will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Yixing in Wuxi.

All the contests are open for global tourists. Through the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of Wuxi, six winners are selected to explore the wonderland of Yixing and experience the collision between culture and nature.

This time six winners came to Yixing, Wuxi:
Yixing - “Ancient Clay City”, with an urban construction history of more than 2,100 years and a pottery-making history of 7,000 years, is famous for its ceramic technology; Yixing - “Cave World”, with more than 80 limestone karst caves in a variety of forms spreading throughout the city; Yixing - “Bamboo Forest Beautiful Scenery”, the largest bamboo base in Jiangsu Province. Cuizhu hills and slopes, tall and lush, layers of verdant. The bamboo shadows are whirling and the green waves are undulating where the mountain breeze passes.

The first day in Yixing is the perfect time for the winners to learn about the city. On their first day, they visited the Yixing Museum, the Yixing Ceramics Museum and the Yixing Longyao Museum.

The winners had the chance to learn how to make teapots at a Zisha workroom. Zisha, also known as Yixing clay teapots, are made from a special clay produced near Yixing. This traditional style is commonly used to brew tea in China, dating back to the 15th century.

On that same day, the winners dined at two famous local restaurants and tried some of the most delicious traditional dishes of Jiangsu Province.

On their second day, the winners visited China’s largest bamboo forest park, the Yixing Bamboo Forest, known as a “natural oxygen bar”.

This park inspired the design of the Taihu Theatre. The winners were able to cycle through one of the largest tea terraces in the region.

Next, the winners visited the Shanjuan Caves, which ranks the first among Yixing’s “three wonders”. A total of four caves make up this beautiful place, where each cave is extraordinary and interlinked. The most peculiar is the water tunnel. The stalactites in the cave are formed by the accumulation of water bit by bit. Research shows that every 30-50 years it can grow by one centimeter and one of them is estimated to be more than 30,000 years old.

The compound also has a large waterfall, beautiful gardens, temples and great views. At the end of the cave, the winners took a short boat ride.

With the strong support of the Wuxi government, the Yixing trip ended successfully, and the winners had a great trip exploring all the sights, sounds and flavors of Yixing. If you want to win a trip to Wuxi, then stay tuned to our social media pages for upcoming contests.

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