Zincotec Develops Water-soluble, Highly Corrosion-resistant, Zinc Powder Antirust System

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Mar 22, 2019 17:20 KST

ULSAN--(Korea Newswire) March 22, 2019 -- Zincotec Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specialized in antirust additives in Korea, developed GEOPERT and BLACKPERT -- water-soluble, highly corrosion-resistant coating agents rich in zinc -- and has exported them to a wide array of countries.

GEOPERT is a composite coating material of patented water-soluble zinc/aluminum. It has little bad odors and no risk of fire or explosion due to low organic solvent content. Its low viscosity raises productivity and economic value remarkably. Salt spray test (SST) found that this water-soluble, highly corrosion-resistant product was a breakthrough which caused no red rust for 1,500 hours.

BLACKPERT is 1 component product that does not need prior mixing. Its low viscosity causes no accumulation for parts such as +bolts, wrench bolts and screws. It has little or no bad odors due to water solubility, keeping a workplace pleasant. Zincotec can produce various shades of black (glossy, semi-glossy and mat) depending on customer demands.

“Corrosion causes economic loss estimated at 3 to 5 percent of the GNP. It does not damage only our property but also threatens our lives. With a sense of crisis that we must not leave it as it is, we strive to develop better anti-corrosion products,” Zincotec CEO Won Ick Son said.

Zincotec puts top priority on environment and safety in developing products. All of its products are water-soluble and free of fire risks. They are easy to handle and have little bad odors, thus causing few damaging effects on the human body and keeping work environment pleasant.

Its products are eco-friendly enough to meet foreign governments’ tight environment regulations and safety standards on health hazards. You can rest assured of using them without anxiety, because they are a notch above existing oil-based products.

Zincotec exports its anticorrosive agents worldwide. They are applicable to diverse industrial fields including automotive, electrical and electronic, civil engineering and construction, leisure and heavy industries.

Details on GEOPERT and BLACKPERT are available on its homepage.

Website: http://www.zincotec.com

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