Shinhan Airro, First Pneumatic Energy Reduction Technology Company in Korea, Successfully Completes Over 10,000 Projects Globally

News provided by Shinhan Airro Co.,Ltd
Mar 21, 2019 17:47 KST

YANGSAN--(Korea Newswire) March 21, 2019 -- Shinhan Airro Co., Ltd, a leading consulting and engineering solution company specialized in pneumatic systems, including compressors and auxiliary facilities, and energy, has successfully completed more than 10,000 projects in 25 countries including Korea.

Major businesses of Shinhan Airro comprise air compressors and auxiliary facilities, pneumatic automatic control, monitoring and management systems, industrial LED lighting, high-efficiency couplers and air nozzles, and aluminum piping. Among others, its world’s first IoT-based pneumatic energy reduction technology is gaining popularity in the industry.

With the motto, ‘No Save, No Money’, Shinhan Airro is implementing energy direct projects. Consisting of outstanding consultants with years-long experiences and expertise, Shinhan Airro is a manpower-centered company that communicates with customers on diversified knowhow to concentrate attention on what customers want and to resolve them. It is earning trust from customers by providing reliable multi-solutions tailored for each of them.

Shinhan Airro boasts unique experience, technology and competitive edge in resolving air leakages.

Over 20% of air leakage occurs prior to use. Leaking parts that can be detected by hearing sense account for less than 10% of entire parts, and remaining 90% of leaking parts that can be detected neither by eyes nor hearing sense represent a major cause of increasing loss at enterprises as they lead to huge amount of power costs.

As a pneumatic system-specialized company, Shinhan Airro foreruns in resolving air leakages as ever.


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Shinhan Airro Co., Ltd
Young Hyun Choi

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