Ludos Protocol Continues High Profile Marketing Campaign with Times Square Advertisements

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Dec 01, 2018 22:50 KST

DUBAI--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) December 01, 2018 -- Ludos Protocol, the outstanding blockchain infrastructure to solve latency problems in gaming industry, secured coveted spots on a highly-visible Times Square’s digital billboard as part of its comprehensive marketing campaign. The purpose of the marketing campaign is to educate gamers about the value of Ludos and showcase its gaming ecosystem prowess.

Outstanding platform to advertise

The Times Square advertising is a well-known advertising spots, ad placement on this important platform would definitely helped Ludos to educate gamers and developers on how Ludos Protocol is using blockchain technique to amplify gaming. While advertisements on popular social media platforms cost about US0.4 cents per impression, advertising on Times Square cost nearly five times more, bue Ludos believe the investment is justify to reach the high quality audiences.

Blockchain gaming is up and coming and will definitely be the dominance approach used by games publishers, byy rewarding users with game tokens and by enabling gamers to shape the game universes. Publishers will enjoy different advantages, in terms of easier crowdfunding and easier to determine the popularity of their games by allowing users to vote on important gameplay elements, and hence it drive more sales.

Ludos Protocol’s ecosystem serves many functions to improve the experience of gamers and developers,, and one of those is tosolve a perennial problem of low Transactions per Second (TPS). Its ecosystem offers publishers the ability to develop on the Protocol’s sidechains, which minimizes interaction with the mainchain. This would reduce the possibility of crashing due to the high TPS needed, as gamers has high demand on soooth gaming experience..

More Investors

This promising blockchain project has attracted household investors such as Softbank, which has chosen Ludos Protocol for its third-ever blockchain investment. Other high-profile backers, such as Du Capital, have also thrown their weight on Ludos Protocol.

“We want to create opportunities and value for gamers that haven’t been possible previously under a centralized gaming model,” says Ludos Protocol’s co-founder Tai Jin. “Gamers could only expand their achievements, utilize in-game assets and currencies within traditional games. We are actively working on a number of ways to allow gamers to transfer that value to other games they played within the ecosystem or toreal life.”

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