Global Cryptocurrency Exchange ‘Nexybit’ launches on June 27th with NXY Token Airdrop Event

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Jun 27, 2018 11:05 KST
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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Korea Newswire) June 27, 2018 -- Nexybit (nexybit), the global cryptocurrency exchange, will officially open on June 27th. Centralized exchanges have continuously been the target for hacks and despite their efforts to bolster up security, there doesn’t seem to be any slow down in security breaches. Nexybit is approaching the security issue from a different angle. As a hybrid decentralized exchange, Nexybit follows strict standards for its centralized exchange, but also allows users to choose a decentralized option for trading, reducing risk for more tech-savy traders.
Han Kyul Park, the CEO of Nexybit says “Our ultimate goal is to be a hybrid exchange that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The current version focuses on enhanced speed and cross-chain trading. Going forward, we are planning to offer our customers the choice of either trading on the decentralized channel or the centralized platform.”

The first coins to be listed with the launch are — Eximchain (EXC), ATMChain (ATM), Ethereum (ETH), TCC protocol (TCC) and YGGDRASH (YEED; upon release of the lock). These coins will be listed on BTC and ETH market respectively. Also, Nexybit announced that they will continue to list upto 100 coins by December this year, for those coins that meet Nexybit internal evaluation criteria.
In addition, Nexybit will airdrop NXY token as an opening event for 4 weeks. NXY token is a utility token issued by Nexybit, which can be mined through trading on Nexybit and have additional functions such as fee reduction and voting on coin listings. There are a total of 1 million NXY tokens available for airdrop and only for the first 10,000 participants of the event — to be given away in September.
Both w‘No Fees Event’ and ‘Deposit Airdrop Event’ are also worth noting. More information can be found on Nexybit homepage (

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