The Art Community ‘ARTUP SEOUL-SEONGDONG’ Presents the First Workshop of Collaboration with Overseas Artists

Dan Boyden, the art director of Change Collective in UK meets artists in Korea

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Jan 11, 2018 10:00 KST

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Korea Newswire) January 11, 2018 -- ARTUP SEOUL-SEONGDONG, the first art community space in Korea, and the British Council in Korea were cosponsors in assisting the collaboration with overseas artists.

Dan Boyden, the art director of Change Collective in UK, was invited to conduct ‘Active Citizen Art’, 3-day workshop with Korean artists from January 10th to 12th, 2018 in Seoul. On the last day of the workshop on the 12th, an open session under the subject of ‘Art that brings positive social changes’, held from 3-5pm at the ARTUP SEOUL-SEONGDONG, invites a more intimate sharing with the public.

ARTUP SEOUL -SEONGDONG, the first art community space in Korea, was successfully launched in the presence of over 50 artists on December 28th, 2017.

Devoted to helping ART-PRENEURs, which is a term given to those who make an earning independently while engaging with projects in art and culture, ARTUP SEOUL is an art community that is invested by the City of Seoul’s Remake City, Seoul project and managed by the social enterprise named weenu with the purpose of providing opportunities for exchanges and collaborations to take place with the artists and the citizens of Seoul.

By becoming a member of ARTUP SEOUL as an ART-PRENEUR, you can access art activities such as art production, exhibition, profit and publicity, and get opportunities to exchange and collaborate with the citizens.

ARTUP SEOUL-SEONGDONG provides a space which can be used by overseas artists and a space for global co-working in Seoul where domestic and overseas artists can work together.

With a one-day pass, the overseas artists who visit ARTUP SEOUL have opportunities to collaborate with ARTUP SEOUL’s artists, and access a workshop room and gallery space at a reasonable price.

Miho Heo, the founder of the social enterprise, ‘weenu’, which is the organizer of ARTUP SEOUL-SEONGDONG said, “There aren’t many spaces where emerging overseas artists visiting Korea can collaborate with Korean artists. ARTUP SEOUL hopes to expand as a space where domestic as well as overseas artists can collaborate with each other in art related projects and take its leap as a global co-working space.”

ARTUP SEOUL-SEONGDONG, the first space open for collaboration with overseas artists measures an area of 423 m2, is easily accessible within a minute walking distance from the transportation hub of Wangsimni Station, Seoul. The second space will open within Seoul Innovation Park in March 2018, under the name ‘ARTUP SEOUL-SEOUL INNOVATION PARK.’

About the social enterprise, weenu
weenu is a platform where the unknown 99% of art and 99% of people meet. weenu has devoted itself to implementing various art programs with artists. It has held art education programs in organizations including Seoul Museum of Art since 2007, and ARTUP FESTIVAL, an environmental art festival with started in 2012, called forth 100 young artists in participation. weenu has hitherto shared the joy of art with over 1,000 emerging artists and 1.5 million individuals through art programs. In this process, artists have found work and landed on opportunities to persist their creative endeavors with the support of the public.




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