Hiroshima International University Releases “Cheatable Exam?”

Are they encouraging cheating on exams? Students confront problems with every resource available

June 20, 2017 13:35 Korea Standard Time

HIROSHIMA, JAPAN--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) June 20, 2017 -- Hiroshima International University, a university specializing in health, medical care, and public welfare, has released a concept video entitled “Cheatable Exam?” The video depicts its unique take on exam-taking.

Video narrative

An exam begins in a classroom at the university. An exam monitor gives the signal, and students delve into the test. Soon after, one of the students begins to notice that others around him are starting to whisper in each other's ear. That is not all. Some students are using the light on their smartphone to send Morse code; others are communicating across the room in sign language; and there are even paper airplanes flying about. It is obvious that this class has fallen into a cheating free-for-all! Despite all of this activity, the exam monitor does not seem agitated, whatsoever. Finally, the students stand up, and then... This concept video depicts the actual events in a practical IPE course conducted at Hiroshima International University.

The video on YouTube:

Video message

Modern times abound with “questions that do not have clear-cut answers.” To respond to such societal changes, “active learning” has been rising in popularity in academic settings. In contrast to one-sided discourses, this type of learning encourages students take the initiative to solve problems on their own. With this backdrop, the video communicates the thrill of working together to brainstorm innovative solutions to questions that have no definitive answer, and also the joy of facing challenges together with others.

What is this―a cheating free-for-all!? The scene that at first glance appears to be students cheating turns out to be students from a variety of disciplines―such as medical technology, nursing, medicine, psychology, and rehabilitation―working as one to solve a problem. This embodies the practices of IPE (interprofessional education), which has been drawing significant attention in recent years. Out in the field, health care has seen a surge of cases that cannot be treated with the specialized knowledge of any single specific discipline, but rather require collective intelligence and collaboration across a diverse range of fields. The video is designed to question the preconceived notion that tests must be solved individually, and introduces the IPE approach advocated by the university, which empowers students to think without restrictions and utilize each person's expertise to derive solutions.

The IPE (interprofessional education) approach implemented at Hiroshima International University

The concept of IPE has already been ingrained at Hiroshima International University, which has been implementing educational programs each year with integrated teams of some 1000 members composed of every discipline―from emergency care to diagnostic radiology, clinical engineering, clinical management, psychology, and more.

An “IPE Camp” has also been incorporated into the curriculum. Here, students from each discipline visit each other's practical training facilities where they strive to better understand other fields and engage in learning that connects with real problems occurring in the real world of health care today.

About Hiroshima International University

Josho Gakuen Hiroshima International University was established in April 1998 Specializing in health, medical care, and public welfare, the university is now home to 8 faculties and 10 departments, which deliver education to approximately 4,200 students.

The university will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018. “For the world, for people, and for the region,” the University is committed to continuing its journey hand-in-hand with people with a dedication to cultivate highly-trained specialists that practice medicine with compassion.

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