“DFT” from Tokyo Releases First Album and Sensational Short Film at the Same Time

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Nov 17, 2016 11:05 KST

TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) November 17, 2016 -- “DFT,” a music production team from Tokyo, has released their first album, “STORY TO TELL” from new label DAT SLICK (Operated by ADX inc., location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akira Fujita).

DFT, consisting of mimi and vivi, is responsible for all of the production, song writing, track making, and arranging on the album.

In conjunction with the distribution launch of their album, they have also released a sensational new short film that includes all of the songs on the album.

The short film was produced by filmmaker Sayaka Nakane.

Along with the release of the album “STORY TO TELL,” they also announced a short film featuring all of the songs recorded on the album. The entire 15 minute video was shot on film. It was produced by Sayaka Nakane, a filmmaker with a worldwide reputation who has received awards at numerous international film festivals. This is a new form of promotional video from DFT, and the lip-syncing performances are a special point of interest.

Short film: http://dft.tokyo/movie.html

The music produced in 4 international locations, including Japan

Working in a number of international locations including Japan, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and New York, the group put their heart and soul into this album, weaving together the atmosphere and trends of each location in uncompromising pursuit of the best possible sound.

Available on iTunes from November 9th: https://itun.es/jp/EBi8fb
DFT official web site: http://dft.tokyo/

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