High Profile Japanese Video Series “Dancing in the Four Seasons of Fukushima” Launched in 3 Languages!

‘Future from Fukushima’
An information-sharing platform that invites anyone in or outside the prefecture to participate and interact

December 23, 2015 15:40 Korea Standard Time

FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) December 23, 2015 -- Under its slogan, “Future From Fukushima,” the governmental departments of Fukushima Prefecture have been primarily using Facebook as their information-sharing platform, providing a forum for anyone in or outside the prefecture to participate and interact. Here, all government departments collaborate to build a sense of unity in conveying the ‘Wonder’ and ‘Now’ of Fukushima to all, throughout the world.

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“Dancing in the Four Seasons of Fukushima” Video Series Launched in Three Languages!

On December 21 (Mon), the highly popular Japanese video series, “Dancing in the Four Seasons of Fukushima,” was launched in the three language versions, making it available to enjoy in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified characters), and Korean.

The “Dancing in the Four Seasons of Fukushima” series are videos that showcase both the dance performances of performers connected to the area, set to various musical compositions, and the breathtaking beauty of Fukushima‘s four seasons, which serves as a backdrop to the performances. Released videos include the Summer Edition, “’Iwaki in Summer‘, a dance performed by Junior High School student street dancing team FORCE ELEMENTS at Aquamarine Fukushima,” which was also selected in the 2015 Yahoo Video Topics Awards as one of the stand-out local PR videos (announced on December 4); Spring Edition, “’Fukushima in Spring‘, a dance performed at Hanami-yama to the song ’Kami no Manimani‘”; and Autumn Edition, “’Urabandai in Autumn', a dance performed by ballerinas amidst autumn colors.”

Videos reveal the picturesque scenery of Fukushima in the background

The Dancing in the Four Seasons of Fukushima series highlights not only the magnificent dance performances of the performers, but also the picturesque scenery that Fukushima Prefecture prides itself on, which varies season to season. Be sure to enjoy these along with the performances.

‘Fukushima in Spring’, a dance performed at Hanami-yama to the song ‘Kami no Manimani’
Second year university student Arisa Nakagawa, an active model and dancer born in Fukushima City, performs against the backdrop of Hanamiyama in full bloom, revealing a colorful array of cherry blossoms and countless other spring flowers.

‘Iwaki in Summer’, a dance performed by junior high school student street dancing team FORCE ELEMENTS at Aquamarine Fukushima
Fukushima City Junior High School student street dancing team FORCE ELEMENTS performs against the backdrops of Environmental Aquarium Aquamarine Fukushima, Shioyasaki Lighthouse, and Iwaki Marine Tower in Misaki Park.

‘Urabandai in Autumn’, a dance performed by ballerinas amidst autumn colors
Ballerinas from the Hitomi Takeuchi School of Ballet in Fukushima Prefecture perform against the backdrops of autumn colors savoured in popular locales , including the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art; Goshiki-numa (a cluster of five volcanic lakes, featured here are Bishamon-numa and Yanigi-numa); Lake Hibara; Lake Onogawa; and waterfall Onogawa Fudo-no-taki.

List of website URLs for series videos in English, Chinese, and Korean

Spring Edition (at Hanami-yama)
· English
· Chinese (traditional characters)
· Chinese (simplified characters)
· Korean

Summer Edition (in Iwaki)
· English
· Chinese (traditional characters)
· Chinese (simplified characters)
· Korean

Autumn Edition
· English
· Chinese (traditional characters)
· Chinese (simplified characters)
· Korean

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