Taiyo Pacific Partners Becomes Major Shareholder in ANRITSU with Stake over 5%

News provided by Taiyo Pacific Partners LP
Jul 22, 2015 11:30 KST

TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) July 22, 2015 -- Taiyo Pacific Partners announced today that it has accumulated in excess of 5% in ANRITSU CORPORATION (6754) to become Anritsu’s fourth-largest institutional shareholder. With over 100 years of history, Anritsu is the world’s leading developer of measuring instruments that provide indispensable services to companies in the communication industry. Taiyo Pacific Partners is a pioneer of friendly engagement investing in Japan and has been proactively working with senior management at its portfolio companies to enhance shareholder value for over 12 years.

Brian K. Heywood, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of Taiyo Pacific Partners, said, “Anritsu is indispensable to today’s mobile communication society. Testers developed by Anritsu support a wide variety of technologies, from smartphone chips to cellular towers, and demand for such testers is increasing as the need for faster communication continues to grow at an accelerated pace. By working with global communication companies and developers of mobile devices, we believe that Anritsu will continue to be a crucial player and create further value for its shareholders.”

Michael A. King, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner of Taiyo Pacific Partners, said, “Anritsu is the number one developer of measuring instruments for mobile devices, and boasts high profitability with ROE over 10%. Further, they are expected to grow even more through 5G and the revolutionary IoT (Internet of Things) mobile communication technology movements. We believe that the full potential value of the company is not reflected in the current share price.”

President Hirokazu Hashimoto commented, “Anritsu was founded 120 years ago, and throughout its rich history, it has helped support the development of the global telecommunication industry. Anritsu continues to work with the revolutionary mobile broadband development through the IoT and 5G movements, which serves as the cornerstone of the next social innovation. Because our core business focuses on the newest cutting-edge technology, we are pleased to have Taiyo join us as a long-term shareholder that understands, shares, and invests in our long-term vision. We pledge to achieve continuous growth with sustainable superior profits, and fulfill our social mission by focusing on transparency, fairness, and a swift and bold decision-making process, which considers the position of all our stakeholders including our shareholders, and by upholding our management philosophy of ‘Sincerity, Harmony, and Enthusiasm.’”

Taiyo Pacific Partners is one of the largest engagement funds in Japan with over $2.4 billion dollars invested in publicly-listed Japanese small- and mid-cap companies. The firm has a diverse and synergistic investment team of 20 bi-lingual professionals with over 320 combined years of Asia-related work experience. Since its founding in 2003, Taiyo Pacific Partners has attracted assets from some of the largest and most widely known institutions in the world including public pensions, sovereign wealth funds, and leading endowments in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

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