CEC acquires ‘High-efficiency energy material certification’ for ondol heating control valve

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Apr 11, 2014 14:30 KST
Automatic proportional control valve

Automatic proportional control valve

CHOUNGJU--(Korea Newswire) April 11, 2014 -- Heating and hot water header Corea Electronics Co., Ltd. (CEC, CEO Yeonjoo Park) said on the 18th that the company has acquired the high-efficiency energy material certification for the automatic proportional control valve

High-efficiency energy material certification is given by the Korea Energy Management Corporation to the products that meet the quality and energy efficiency criteria notified by the government.

CEC’ automatic proportional control valve that received the certification cuts off unnecessary heating water flowing into ondol to reduce heating expense.
Once the temperature of heating water reaches the set temperature on the boiler, the valve automatically cuts of the flow, and the heating water under the ondol is used for radiant heating. Less circulation of heating water means increased heating water temperature inside the boiler. And this significantly reduces the boiler operation time. Considering that most people in Korea and other countries use ondol-type heating system, it is the perfect cost-reducing method for all, especially those in Korea.

As CEC acquired the high-efficiency energy material certification, the company will receive various government supports. It will be either made mandatory for public institutions bigger than a specific size or selected as an item for preferential purchase of Public Procurement Service.

CEO Yeonjoo Park said, “We are glad that our technology and know-hows allowed us to come up with a method that could maintain the traditional ondol heating system while cutting the cost in an eco-friendly way. We will continue to seek for ways to make our small ideas bring big contributions.”

CEC has been developing auto components and heating and hot water header. The company currently owns 10 related patents in Korea and other countries. In particular, the heating water technology and the heating water header system has been recognized in Korea and Japan for the past 15 years. And the product is being sold in the market under the name of ‘CEC Header’.

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