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Toshiba’s Arm® Cortex®-M4-based Microcontrollers with Built-in Timers and Communication Channels Achieve High-Speed Data Processing

News provided by Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation
April 01, 2019 14:15 KST

TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) April 01, 2019 -- Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has added the M4G Group (1) to its TXZ™ Family of Arm® Cortex®-M-based microcontrollers for office automation (OA) equipment, audio-visual (AV) equipment, and industrial equipment. Mass-production will start with selected products and then expanded.

The M4G Group (1) is based on the Arm Cortex-M4 core with FPU. It incorporates high-performance analog circuits, a wide range of timers and communication channels, and is available in a rich lineup of packages, from 100 to 177 pins, with onboard flash memory ranging from 512KB to 1536KB. Operating frequency is up to 160MHz.

In addition to high-precision analog circuits that include a 12-bit AD converter (up to 24 channels) with a 1.0μs conversion speed, and an 8-bit DA converter (2 channels), the M4G Group (1) incorporates two DMA controllers: a high-speed DMA controller and a multi-function DMA controller. Both realize low power consumption and advanced functions, while incorporating highly versatile peripheral circuits, such as serial memory interface (SMIF), UART, I2C, TSPI, and timers, and support for large-scale systems.

The AD converter allow selection of two sampling periods with arbitrary channels, contributing to a reduction of impedance adjustment parts in large-scale systems that require multiple sensors. A built-in interlinking function for timers, UART, and TSPI, and an interval sensor detection circuit (ISD), contribute to reduced loads in software processing.

Toshiba plans to release groups of microcontrollers for communication control in high-speed data processing, and devices equipped with high-precision analog circuits for control of low- to medium-speed motors. The company continues to expand the TXZ family to meet the needs of the motor control and global sensing market.


Multiple applications: OA equipment including MFPs, AV equipment, and industrial equipment.

Main features

· High-performance Arm Cortex-M4 core, operating at up to 160MHz
Based on the global standard Arm Cortex-M4 core.
· A comprehensive lineup of memory and package variations
A wide lineup of memory and package variations covers application in diverse products.
· General-purpose microcontrollers equipped with diverse interfaces and communication channels, suitable for MFPs and AV equipment that require high-speed data processing.

Outlines and main specifications (To view the table, please visit

Customer support materials (To view the table, please visit
We have prepared materials to help customers select appropriate products.

Product information

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M4G Group (1)

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