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Clean management of Laser Gum Bleaching with Dr. Yumi Jung of MAGIC KISS Dental Clinic in Korea

News provided by Magic Kiss dental clinic
February 13, 2019 09:50 KST
  • Dr. Yumi Jung is explaining gum and mouth condition to patients through digital scanning

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Korea Newswire) February 13, 2019 -- When someone mentions whitening (Bleaching), you will usually think of whitening of the teeth or face.

But some people are worried about their black or dark gums. So, Dr. Yumi Jung, the chief dentist of Magic Kiss dental clinic will talk about the ‘Laser gum bleaching procedure’. In many cases, after teeth whitening or skin brightening, whiter teeth or brighter skin makes black or dark gums more noticeable. Dark lips or dark skin can be covered with make-up, but the gums have no other way, so women can‘t laugh while making a big smile or they cover their mouths whenever they speak or smoking to avoid making a dirty impression. In fact, healthy and pretty gums are not scarlet or brown, but pale pink or coral pink. Even if your gums are black, you don’t have to be surprised or embarrassed. Melanin pigmentation is common, such as when the skin is dark or has spots, and for this reason, if the face or skin is black or dark, the gums are often stained. In other rare cases, it is a coloration of foreign substances such as amalgam tattoo or nicotine.

“Laser gum bleaching is depigmentation with laser, which has made it easier to improve or maintain coral pink gums easily.” said Dr. Jung, the chief dentist of Magic Kiss dental clinic. In a similar procedure to the removal technique of dots on the face or skin with laser, it is usually improved with one cycle laser depigmentation, but possible to make a complete improvement after two or more cycle-procedures. In addition, unlike the dots on the face or skin, mucous membranes heal quickly and do not form scabs, making it sufficient for two to three days of self-disinfection with the disinfectant prescribed by the dentist. After a week or two, re-treatment is possible, and since the procedure is performed after partial anesthesia, there is little pain in the procedure, and daily life is possible from the day of the procedure.

For conventional gum whitening, thin-skin treatment with a dental scalpel or diamond bur was mainly used. In this case, the results are not bad, but there is a risk of edema, bruising and secondary infection caused by bleeding during the procedure, and the healing period is longer than two weeks. Therefore, it was a difficult procedure to choose from when you have to work or return to normal life immediately. However, Laser gum bleaching is relatively simple and comfortable.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yumi Jung, the chief dentist of Magic Kiss dental clinic, holds a patent for Smile line Analysis Kit for toothplasty and gumplasty (tooth shaping and gum contouring) and a patent for Lingual Orthodontic treatment and Gummy Smile Correction. In addition, Dr. Jung introduce ‘gummy smile correction’ of laser-based gum contouring, gum bleaching, and gummy smile botox and surgey procedures at TV makeover shows such as “Let Me In”, “Beautiful You” and “Daesenam.” She is also the author of “Smile Design”, which describes everything about Smile. In addition, she is the public relations director of the Korea Oral Health Association and the Korea Future Convergence Association, and served children and orphans' care institutions including Samdong Children’s Village and Songjukwon, and was nominated as a letter of commendation to the National Assembly in 2017 and as a letter of commendation to the Minister of Health and Welfare in 2018.


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