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Nasmedia Report Highlights Current Mobile Marketing Trends in Korea

News provided by Nasmedia
May 08, 2018 09:47 KST
  • Nasmedia (KOSDAQ:089600) announced the result of 2017 Korean mobile game marketing trends and outlook for 2018 mobile game market.Non-incent CPI share of the overall digital marketing media has been decreasing although it still takes majority of the market share. Branding Media has shown big growth in 2017 (nasmedia report)

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) May 08, 2018 -- Nasmedia (KOSDAQ:089600), the largest digital media marketing agency in Korea, announced the result of 2017 Korean mobile game marketing trends and outlook for 2018 mobile game market.

2017 mobile game market size: KRW 4.8 trillion and overtaking the PC online game market

With the success of MMORPG masterpiece game of Lineage M, Lineage 2 revolution, AXE etc., the market size of the mobile game market is about KRW 4.8 trillion due to the shift from PC online to mobile-centric in 2017. It is expected to be about KRW 5.3 trillion in 2018, and is expected to gradually widen the gap with online games.

Strengthen market share of IP-centric blockbuster MMORPG

In 2017, Lineage M and Lineage 2 Revolution accounted for 44% of the total mobile game market and sales volume of top-10 game accounted for more than 23% year on year growth, while the percentage of games for the ranked 11~50 declined to less than 20%, and the deviation between top ranked game and low ranked game is deepened.

The game genre, which entered the top 30 in sales, was overwhelmingly turned into an RPG-centered market, and increase slightly in the sports / action genre, and the simulation genre was sluggish because of not being released the masterpiece game. The RPG genre increased by more than 20% year on year, and it shows an overwhelming share with 78% of total sales. Based on large-scale capital, the many Chinese games rush to Korean market.

Changes in the cost of mobile game digital advertising

Digital ad costs in the game industry have increased from KRW 83.9 billion in 2016 to KRW 99.5 billion in 2017. Among them, digital ad costs in the mobile game grew 24.4% year on year with the size of estimated KRW 60 billion, showing a higher growth rate than PC games.

Although the Non-incent CPI has seen some reduction in its share since the second half of 2016 due to the Fraud issue in the execution of digital marketing media, it is still the most used, and the portion of branding marketing through video and portal advertising has expanded.

Strengthen pre-reservation marketing of mobile games

As Lineage M's successful pre-registration focusing marketing has been successful, competitors takes similar strategies in marketing methods, and the pre-registration focusing marketing strategies are expected to continue in 2018 only for masterpiece games.

Game publishers are competing fiercely for ‘Achievement of largest of customer acquisition’ through the progressing of pre-reservation campaign. Therefore, the pre-registration such as pre-registration costs and period are showing enlargement.

Changes in Media for Pre-registration Campaigns

As budget and period increase for Pre-registration campaigns, branding media such as portal, video becomes more heavily involved. Pre-registration campaigns of triple-A titles in 2016 focused on offline media, rather than digital media. As 2017 saw the overall budget for Pre-registration increase, the budget allocation for digital media reached the same level as the budget for offline media. Interestingly, recent Pre-reg. campaigns started to run mainly on branding media targeting the general public, rather than performance-based media targeting specific gamer segments.

The complete 2018 ‘Mobile Market Landscape’ report can be found at:

About the report

Nasmedia report analyzes Korean mobile game market and marketing trend based on Korean largest mobile game marketing execution experience and data, and predicted its marketing prospect in 2018. It is intended to help overseas game publishers who want to sell in Korean mobile game market understand Korean mobile game market and marketing trend.


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