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365mc Unveils World’s First AI-assisted Liposuction System ‘M.A.I.L System’ Developed in Collaboration with Microsoft

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October 19, 2017 11:09 KST
  • 365mc M.A.I.L System

  • 365mc unveiled the world's first AI-assisted liposuction system, Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence-assisted Liposuction System (M.A.I.L System), developed in collaboration with Microsoft Korea using Microsoft Azure. Kim Dae-gyeom, a Deputy Director of 365mc, a leading liposuction specialty clinic in Korea, explains its artificial intelligence-assisted liposuction technology.

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) October 19, 2017 -- 365mc, Korea’s first-ever liposuction specialty hospital, has unveiled a Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence-assisted Liposuction System (M.A.I.L System), developed in collaboration with Microsoft Korea using Microsoft Azure, the company’s public cloud service.

The world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence)-assisted liposuction system uses motion capture technology to record movements of surgeons during surgical procedures and then analyze them using big data analytics. By doing so, it can provide feedback on the pattern of the surgeon in using a cannula in terms of depth, speed and location after the procedure and track the path of a cannula to deliver real-time information on outcomes, such as bruise, induration and infection, as well as potential benefits in body contouring and psychological satisfaction expressed in numbers.

Due to its surgical characteristics, liposuction involves swelling and bruising right after a procedure, demanding usually 8 weeks to visually present surgical outcomes. Thanks to the accuracy of data-based analysis delivered by the M.A.I.L System, surgeons will be able to predict the results, including the degree of swelling and bruising as well as the aesthetic benefits, immediately after the procedure.

What makes such a data-driven system possible is the hospital’s world-class expertise in liposuction with over 100,000 cases of surgery and the development of an IoT sensor, which can digitize strokes of a surgeon during a liposuction, helping to build up big data two years ago.

As the prevalence of obesity continues to increase worldwide, there is a growing interest in liposuction as one of the options for obesity treatment. The healthcare industry expects that the world’s first AI-assisted liposuction system will help liposuction surgeries to deliver more safety and accuracy thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

“So far, liposuction surgeries have been heavily reliant on the intuition and touch of a surgeon, generating a variation in the skills and the results,” said Lee Sun-ho, the director of 365mc in Daejeon, who invented the concept of M.A.I.L System. “My expectation that an analysis of a surgeon’s pattern in procedure based on the digital records of their movements would improve both the safety of surgery and the psychological satisfaction of a patient motivated the development of M.A.I.L System.”

“M.A.I.L System is expected to help a surgeon to overcome the limitation of conventional intuition-based liposuction procedures and achieve an unparalleled level of safety and outcome with the assistance of artificial intelligence. We hope that the system ensures more accurate liposuction procedures to help people suffering from obesity to get successful treatment and enjoy their healthy living.”

Meanwhile, the hospital will validate the accuracy of the system based on its accumulated data for the next year before it sells the system to medical institutions around the world on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online market for software as a service application. Also, it will continue to enhance the AI-based liposuction technology as well as its commercial presence in the global markets with the launch of Global 365mc Hospital and Smart AI Liposuction Institute, scheduled in December this year.

About 365mc

365mc is a liposuction specialty hospital in Korea. It is also a network of 17 branch clinics in addition to its main hospital, boasting the cutting-edge infrastructure for obesity treatment. It has received a high recognition from home and abroad for the safety and excellence of its obesity treatment. It successfully hosted the 2016 Asian Fat Congress, and it was the first and only hospital in Korea to host the Congress of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), the largest society of licensed physicians for aesthetic medicine in the United States.


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