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Hyosung Cho Hyun Joon President Accelerates Discovery of New Growth Engines

Pays attention to ‘xtrm VOC’ which is centered on ‘Big Data technology’
Keeps up efforts to discover new growth engines employing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

News provided by Hyosung
September 27, 2017 10:54 KST

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) September 27, 2017 -- Hyosung President Cho Hyun Joon is concentrating on discovery and development of new growth engines. A good example of promising growth engines is ‘xtrm Voice of Consumer’ which was debuted by Hyosung’s IT affiliate Hyosung ITX. It is an artificial intelligence solution that automatically converts voice conversation between call center counselors and customers into texts and analyzes and manages them. It illustrates Hyosung’s accelerated efforts to discover new growth engines that are oriented around ‘big data technology’ in tandem with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Mounted with STT (Speech to Text) and TA (Text Analytics) engines, this technology enables the grasp and objective analysis of keywords, customer emotions and issues. It also gives an early warning in case of a customer filing a complaint.

xtrm VOC is significant in that it offers tailored services to customers. To do so, it detects customer needs on the basis of various data gathered at call centers and also helps counseling services by using information technologies related to big data and others. What’s more, it is expected to be advanced into the emerging market of virtual assistants (VA), an AI-based personalized counseling service such as ‘chatbot’ which collects and analyzes customer data to answer questions.

 “I will make Hyosung feel proud of its technologies,” Cho Hyun Joon President said in his inaugural address in January, “Our technological advantage should become the DNA of our success.” Hyosung will keep searching new growth engines by developing new technologies with big data and AI.



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