Jul 07, 2017 11:00 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
Solmedix and Mobiuso sign MOU to develop the MOSAIC Platform Software for innovative medical device
Yang In-Chul, CEO of Solmedix Co., Ltd and Santhosh Kumaraswamy, President of Mobiuso LLC
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) July 7, 2017 -- Solmedix Co., Ltd announced that Solmedix (CEO Yang In-chul, Seoul, Korea) and Mobiuso LLC (President Santhosh Kumaraswamy, New York, United State) signed an MOU for joint development of software and mutual business cooperation for the MOSAIC platform, an innovative medical device development system. Under the agreement, both organizations will propose solutions for novel medical device development and jointly develop software for building an effective product development platform.

Through this joint development agreement, an innovative platform will be developed to support the commercialization of novel medical devices that reflect the needs of the clinical staff. The system has been systematically conceived to commercialize ideas including professional blind test of ideas, R&D and project management to accelerate development. In addition, the system will be flexible enough to support agile iterative development and also support big data and machine learning based analytics.

Yang In-chul, CEO of Solmedix said, “The MOSAIC platform has been in development for over a year and we are now working with Mobiuso to provide a robust, high-quality service to our domestic customers and to support our goal of developing innovative medical devices quickly and effectively. In addition, it will provide a bridgehead for cooperation with overseas medical staff and companies, and will be a cornerstone for Solmedix to advance into the global market.”

Mr. Santhosh Kumaraswamy, President of Mobiuso, commented, “I am deeply impressed by Solmedix's track record of having successfully developed and commercialized numerous innovative medical devices. We look forward to leveraging our global healthcare experience to accelerate the development of the MOSAIC Platform and enable Solmedix to tackle unmet needs quickly and efficiently.”

Mobiuso is a healthcare focused app / web / cloud / IoT / big data / artificial intelligence and machine learning solution company. Mobiuso has delivered solutions for Fortune 100 companies and startups from across the world meeting their exacting needs in record time. Mobiuso is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA with offices in New York & Marlborough, USA, Mumbai & Ahmedabad, India and Seoul, South Korea.
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