Jan 12, 2017 17:33 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
HUREN awarded citation by Korean Optometric Association
DAEJEON--(Korea Newswire) January 12, 2017 -- Daemyung Optical’s brand ‘HUREN (www.huren.co.kr)', carrying out an aggressive marketing in the Optical lens sector, was awarded a citation by Daejeon Metropolitan City Eyeglass Society for the Korean Optometric Association on January 11.

Daemyung Optical announced that on January 11th, 2017, Mr. Jeong Gang-hoon, a staff at HUREN in the Daejeon region, was awarded a citation for becoming a model to other opticians and contributing to the development of the Daejeon optician society. The Daejeon Metropolitan City Academy of Optics gave a citation at the 44th general meeting.

Jeong Kang-hoon, winner of the meaningful prize in recognition of this year's reunion, said, “I am grateful for this citation and will work harder for the development of our company and the industry this year.
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