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Give HUREN to your family for a Christmas gift!
Give HUREN to your family for a Christmas gift
DAEJEON, SOUTH KOREA--(Korea Newswire) December 20, 2016 -- It is expected that the product line of domestic optical lens which is well known for the advertisement phrase “Eyes know the difference” will hit this winter.

HUREN (optical lens brand of Daemyung Optical) has provided a variety of products at their special agencies so that the customers can give presents to their parents, children, and young people this Christmas season.

For parents, an innovative multifocal aspheric lens “Imperial (name of HUREN Product)” is the best gift. Imperial is a high-end product with an inner aspheric multifocal lens that is suitable for parents in a warm indoor environment as well as in outside to enjoy a beautiful scenery of mountains transformed into white and beautiful. It is an innovative lens designed to provide smooth and clear vision by decreased swim effect with customized, progressive design.

In addition, we would like to provide the HUREN JUNIOR lens (name of HUREN Product) with growing children during the winter vacation to help them adjust to the anti-myopia in advance. It will be a good Christmas gift.

Especially, nowadays, aspheric anti-myopia lens HUREN JUNIOR is able to reduce the myopia symptoms of children aged 8 to 16 who are much absorbed in smart phones and provide a comfortable reading range at near distance. Also the user can get a clear and clean view around the perimeter of the area. In particular, another unique advantage of HUREN JUNIOR is that it offers nine (+ 0.50 to + 2.50) additions.

For the couples who enjoy skiing and snowboarding for a fun Christmas season with polarized lenses, FS (Name of HUREN Product) Polarized Lens with an ideal design for all kinds of winter sports and outdoor activities to be exposed to strong sunlight is expected to win great popularity with customers this year in the skiing sunglasses market.

The HUREN polarized lens shields the reflection of light, protects your eyes from the strong glare of sunlight, and has two colors of gray and brown.

Also there is HUREN WIDE Premium lens (Name of HUREN Product) you should not miss in this year. It is a aspheric multifocal lens customized to the lifestyle of far, intermediate and near vision.

Back surfacing progressive lens designed to be chosen for this year's wide variety of Christmas gifts.
It seems to be an opportunity to appeal to the customers who value their lifestyles.

For more information on the products or to set up a special agency, please contact HUREN sales office (02-752-4000).
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