Aug 25, 2016 09:13 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
NCH Korea announces automated grease injection device and dedicated grease
  • - NCH Lubricants business unit launches high-performance grease injection device and dedicated grease for effective lubrication management
    - Controls amount of grease with a pump or a piston; works with electricity or batteries and amount of grease left inside can be instantly checked with naked eyes; can resist sudden change in temperature or vibration
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) August 25, 2016 -- NCH Korea today announced that its NCH Lubricants business unit is launching ‘NK-300AGC’ and ‘NK-CBG’, which are automated grease injection devices to manage industrial machineries, as well as dedicated grease.

NCH Lubricants business unit announced last April its plan for commercialization. Since then, it has been providing specialized trainings for technical sales leaders, as well as putting various types of efforts to provide solution to current lubrication management system with NCH’s diverse specialized lubricants and professional equipment.

In particular, this recently launched NCH automated grease injection device and dedicated grease are part of NCH Lubricants business unit’s newest solutions, to respond to lubrication manager’s demand to find a more efficient and systematic way of lubrication.

As of now, there are not enough lubrication managers in the field, and demand for improved lubrication method to meet the modernization of equipment is high. Current automated lubrication devices using spring method or gas discharge method make use of low-cost general grease, making it difficult to find out the cause of equipment failure. The provider of such devices did not provide after service, or these devices were for single use only.

‘NK-300AGC’ and ‘NK-CBGC’ newly launched by NCH controls the amount of grease with a pump or a piston. They work with electricity or batteries, and amount of grease left inside can be instantly checked with naked eyes. Also, they can resist sudden change in temperature or vibration.

‘NK-300AGC’ is a battery type automated grease injection, which can be used for 6 months with 4 AAA batteries. You can check the level of lubricant through transparent exterior. Alarm will sound when the battery power is low, to prevent oil-free operation. Also, with just one device, it can fuel grease on two devices.
NK-CBGG is a transparent bellow type automated grease injection gun. Amount of grease can be instantly checked through transparent exterior.

Both ‘NK-300AGC’ and ‘NK-CBGG’ use bellow type grease cartridges, which prevent contact with air. Also, ‘NK-300AGC’ is made of poly carbonate, which has stronger resilience to external shock compared to those made with metals. Therefore, it can be safely installed and used in danger zones.

NCH’s automated grease injection device can be used in all industries. It can be used in industries that require large amount of grease, such as construction and machinery, harbor, incineration facility, metal and casting, and automotive industry. Also, it can be used in air conditioning facilities and general industries requiring small amount of grease in various spots, and also in managing dams, floodgate, and estuary weir which require specialized products.

“Our customers face various problems in lubrication management, such as lack of lubrication manager, low reliability in current lubrication devices, and increased need for lubrication management caused by modernization of devices. NCH Lubricants regularly visit customers to support with lubrication management manpower, and installs and manages specialized equipment to solve issues with legacy system. Also, it provides various types of specialized grease to provide solution to lubrication problems of modernized facilities”, said Dongeun Kim, country manager, NCH Korea. He added, “NCH Lubricants is currently focusing on grease lubrication management in the first half of the year. However, in the second half, we will also focus on oil lubrication management, and also announce new specialized device for efficient oil lubrication management”.

엔씨에이취코리아 개요

NCH Corporation은 세계적인 산업 설비 유지 보수 제품 제조 기업으로서, 1919년에 설립되었으며 미국 텍사스 주 댈러스에 본사를 두고 있다. NCH는 현재 전세계 65개국에 위치한 지사에서 10,000여명의 전문 인력을 두고, NCH만의 450여개의 특허 제품을 비롯한 산업용 설비 유지 보수에 탁월하고 효율적인 솔루션을 제공하고 있다. NCH 코리아(엔씨에이취코리아)는 NCH의 한국 법인으로서 지난 1984년 설립되었으며, 지난 1992년에는 충북 음성에 제품 생산 공장을 갖추고 국내 고객을 위한 제품을 직접 생산하여 공급하고 있다. 국내에 업게 최초로 절연성 클리너 등을 소개한 바 있으며, 현재 수백 여종의 설비 및 보수용 화학 제품을 공급하고 있다. 또한 100여명의 기술 영업 인력을 보유하고 차별화된 전문 서비스를 제공하고 있다.
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