Feb 01, 2016 10:08 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
Skin Garden Offers a Variety of Korean Cosmetics as Gift Items for St. Valentine's Day
TOKYO--(Korea Newswire) February 1, 2016 -- With upcoming St. Valentine’s Day, Skin Garden, a K-beauty select shop, is crowded with customers seeking to purchase gifts for lovers. Skin Garden is receiving customers with assortment of a variety of Korean cosmetics selected for the season.

Among others, lip tint packs that ‘do not smear even by kissing’ are popular as gift items for St. Valentine’s Day. These products are gaining high popularity as they are publicized by users with purchase selfies on various social media including Instagram.

And, Berrisom’s carbonated bubble masks that make users enjoy fun during tour on the St. Valentine’s Day are also very popular. The carbonated bubble mask arouses fun because it suggests the beard of Santa Claus with ample carbonated bubbles 5~10 minutes after attaching it. As it is proved to be highly effective for skin pore care and moisturizing, it recorded the top in sales immediately after its launch.

In addition, consumers can purchase diverse gifts complying with skin types and preferences of their lovers as over 500 different Korean cosmetics are available including the DAY BY DAY brands manufactured based on advanced technologies developed by the Gyeongsangbuk-do Cosmetics RIS of National Development Institute of Korea Medicine in Korea.

In response to strong demands from customers in Japan, Skin Garden (www.skingarden.jp) opened its fourth store in the country.
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