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KORI commerce supports service to Korean consumers to receive credits from online international shopping mall

Domestic payment platform to earn points through global online shopping mall has come.

News provided by PayGate
August 16, 2015 09:36 KST
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SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) August 16, 2015 -- KORI commerce has received attention in the industry of domestic service point conversion Commerce. The domestic service point conversion market has become very competitive recently.

KORI commerce, besides domestic point conversion service, has opened global point conversion service for Korean customers who purchases goods internationally to gain cash-back point from global online markets.

It means if Korean customers has purchased goods from international online shopping mall which have partnership with KORI commerce they are to use cash-back bonus in Korea, gifted from affiliates, by converting KORI commerce points.

KORI commerce has made contract with which has over 5,000 shopping mall clients and introduced, “Seyfert” virtual account of Paygate.,Ltd. (, a company specializes global payment services. Through the service, KORI point has become a company to serve innovative open platform service that customers are able to deposit, or convert points to withdraw into cash conveniently.

From now on, customers are supported with global service points that conventional point giving company could not do.

In order to increase the satisfaction of customers, KORI commerce offers the smallest commission in the industry, 3%.

In order to use the service, you have to be a member of KORI commerce ( If a member lets his shopping history to KORI commerce, then KORI shopping mall receives points instead of him. Eventually, the customer gains KORI point which is converted from allied online shopping mall.

The members can KORI spend KORI points at CU convenient store, Happy money gift certificates, CJ integrated vouchers etc. And also the points can be liquidated. Charging points, encashment, account grants, deposits services are implemented by Paygate’s Seyfert.

Seyfert users are able to protect personal information and transaction information effectively due to its philosophy to comply with web standards.

In May 2014, with a plan to establish a credit point based firm like a KORI commerce, Paygate Co., Ltd. has decided to proceed international prepaid card business together. They share MOU between each other. Among domestic companies, KORI commerce was the first one to introduce international prepaid card service in Korea.

Introduction of Paygate Co., Ltd.
Paygate Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and during past 17 years, they have been continued with the business of cross boarder online payment with more than 8000 E-commerce companies. Currently, there are 32 multinational employers working with Paygate Co., Ltd. and it has branches in Korea, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore and plans to build more in Luxemburg, Ireland, and Australia. Paygate Co., Ltd. has made its own open platform that complies web standards that decreases credit card fraud rate and e-commerce risk dramatically. Based on years of experience, Paygate Co., Ltd. has used its Seyfert for 13 years and has received the validation in the market. To comply with web standards and maintain its architecture, Paygate Co., Ltd. has solely researched and developed only one field for 17 years. With the experience and efforts, Paygate Co., Ltd. was possible to launch the latest fintech platform and Seyfert.

Please call 0082+2-2140-2777 Jin Park for Paygate’s global payment service
Please call 0082+2-2140-2741 Taehwan Jun for Paygate’s Seyfert platform service


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