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Paygate AA, Perfectly adaptable to the Windows 10 launch, is a web standard easy payment service.

Paygate’s web standard technology has proved to be ahead of trend.

News provided by PayGate
August 03, 2015 15:46 KST
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SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) August 03, 2015 -- Aladin’s web standard credit card payment service launched on 29th of July is an easy payment service based on Paygate’s AA (Amount Authentication).

The technology, different from various easy payment services, is based on web standard. With a launch of Microsoft’s Window 10, the importance of web standard has become significant.

When Chrome stops running NPAPI due to the release of windows 10, majority of plug-ins (i.e. ActiveX) of card companies will not be working on the system. When such plug-ins are unable to be in normal operation, many online stores will be encouraged to use IE or find the alternatives.

It was because credit card payment module of PG Company used to provide commercial payment method as a plug-in pop-up.

Alladin has dispelled the issues caused by the Windows 10 launch by applying credit card method that is conjugated with Paygate’s Amount Authentication. The credit card issuers are Hana card and KEB card.

Amount Authentication Aladdin has adopted does not require plug-in method and neither it would work depend on the browser or device.

Paygate’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Dongsan Lee, has announced the launch testimony “Keeping the global standard certification and credit card payment methods that comply with web standards means that you must maintain the highest standards in security and authentication aspect. It is never easy nor simple to implement. However, Korea’s payment service must be oriented to comply with global web standard and be user oriented service which meets global trends.”

Currently, you can use Paygate’s easy payment service by just selecting a payment method at book payment stage. It is called credit card web standard payment.

Paygate has been a company specializing cross boarder payment since 1998. Paygate has had 17 years of experience in global credit card payment, wire-transfers, and fin-tech businesses. Paygate has recently acquired official license from Korean ministry of strategy and finance to be Foreign exchange business handled institution. Paygate is planning to activate overseas remittance business and extend its Seyfert banking open platform by sharing fin-tech companies so that P2P lending service, crowdfunding service, and bitcoin exchange etc. can be easier than ever before. Paygate is having many love calls from companies of various fields.

Please call 0082+2-2140-2777 Jin Park for Paygate’s global payment service
Please call 0082+2-2140-2741 Taehwan Jun for Paygate’s Seyfert platform service


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