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OCSiAl to Establish New Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarters in Korea

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June 11, 2015 10:10 KST

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) June 11, 2015 -- OCSiAl (, the global single wall carbon nanotubes manufacturer, announced that it has established a new Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Korea to cover the Korean and Asia-Pacific markets. The new headquarters is located in Incheon near Seoul, South Korea.

OCSiAl was the first company in history to mass-produce single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT). SWCNT is known as the best property-enhancing modifier of materials and it is expected to innovate the $3 trillion global materials market. In the past, the lack of availability of SWCNT in large quantities at a consistent quality made mass application difficult. SWCNT’s high price also made it prohibitively expensive. OCSiAl’s synthesis technology has solved these two issues.

Company’s core product, TUBALL, contains more than 75% SWCNT and can be used as a universal additive for a wide range of materials and carriers. Its price is 50 times lower than other products with similar properties. TUBALL delivers improvements in material properties at concentrations starting at 0.001%-0.1%. Currently, OCSiAl has developed a range of modifiers based on TUBALL for batteries, polymer composites, rubber goods, TCF (Touch Screen panels), paints and coatings. Modifiers for aluminum, concrete, glass and some other materials are under development.

More than 50 companies in the AP region are actively developing applications for SWCNT based on OCSiAl products. OCSiAl Asia Pacific will process all orders in a timely manner, provide clients with the required technical support, interact with R&D, government and other non-commercial organizations to promote and contribute to the development of the nanotechnology field in Korea.

Viktor Kim, CEO OCSiAl Asia Pacific Co., LTD., said, “Korea is home to many global companies leading the markets of smartphones, displays, Li-ion batteries, and automobiles. We set OCSiAl’s outpost here to get closer to this world innovations center, to develop the cutting edge nanotubes technologies and provide innovative solutions to Asia Pacific region.” He added, “We will continuously contribute to the nanotechnology field in Korea and AP region based on our advanced technology and business agility.”

OCSiAl will be participating in ‘NanoKorea 2015’, which is to be held on 1st - 3rd July at COEX, Seoul, to introduce new application products in cooperation with partners.


Suran Lee

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