Mar 24, 2015 12:01 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
CKI Provides Career Education Program for Teenagers from Multi-Cultural Families
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) March 24, 2015 -- Citibank Korea Inc. (CEO Park, Jin-hei, and YWCA of Korea had a signing ceremony for Darae Class, an career education program for the teenagers from multi-cultural families, at the YWCA Building located in Myeongdong in the morning of March, 24th, 2015. On the occasion, the Korea franchise of Citigroup also delivered USD 200,000(apprx. 220million KRW) funded from Citi Foundation to YWCA of Korea.

‘Darae Class,’ which means ‘a class for the future for the teenagers from multi-cultural families,’ is a program that has been run by Citibank Korea under the sponsorship of Citi Foundation and jointly with YWCA of Korea since 2012. The main targets of the program are the youth from multi-cultural families and the socially vulnerable group, and while it focused mainly on after-class study support until last year, it will be centered on the job training programs that will more directly affect the future career of the participating teenagers and give them more substantial help.

The 2015 Darae Class that is financed with the donated fund will be taken part in by 300 students from 10 small and medium-sized cities across the country such as Kwang-ju, Kimhae, Seongnam, Ansan, Uijungbu, Jinju, Cheonan, Chungju, Paju, and Hanam. They will receive 8 hours of vision education and 60 hour-long job training and will be placed to internship for 20 hours and hands-on job experience program for 32 hours.

Citibank Korea has also furnished a series of programs to support multi-cultural families including Citi-JA Hero Program that has been operated since 2011 to help the teenagers enhance school grades and explore future career paths in partnership with JA Korea, an international non-profit financial education institution.
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