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Han, Seung-bum “Attack on US Ambassador and Hitler in Korea”

The Dignity of the US Ambassador and the Inferiority Complex of Korea

News provided by MACCINE KOREA
March 19, 2015 09:23 KST
  • Han, Seung-bum and Lt. Gen. Bernard Champoux, the 8th Army commander

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) March 19, 2015 -- Han, Seung-bum, the CEO of Maccine Korea said as below.

Mark Lippert, US Ambassador to Korea, suffered an attack from a pro-North Korea leftist terrorist(Kim Ki-jong), who wielded a knife on him in the middle of Seoul, Korea, a US ally. A terror on an embassy or an ambassador amounts to a declaration of war and thus has us anticipate a huge diplomatic friction, but the first words from him following the incident were, “Let's go together.”
Let‘s go back to 2002 in Korea. Two Korean middle school girls with the name of Hyosoon and Miseon were killed when they were run over by a US Army’s armored personnel carrier maneuvering in a military drill. The US authorities gave an apology on the day it happened and consoled the victims‘ families while delivering an ax gratia payment and compensation. But people came out on college campuses and streets, displaying graphic images showing the two girls’ heads crushed by the armored carrier and deploring the “savagery” by the American soldiers. Conspiracy theories mushroomed to argue that the American soldiers kill the girls deliberately because they looked down on Koreans, which argument bought up a lot of Korean sympathizers.
In November of the same year, the two American soldiers were found not guilty of on-duty manslaughter by negligence by a US military court in Camp Casey located in Dongducheon. Angered at the ruling, Korean people rushed out to streets and staged candlelight protests. The candlelight crowd grew day after day until on Dec. 15, over 100,000 candlelight protesters filled Gwanghwamun area. Thomas C. Hubbard, the US Ambassador to Korea and Leon J. LaPorte, Commander of the US Forces in Korea, gave public apologies and President George W. Bush apologized indirectly through the ambassador, but the anger of the protesters didn't subside. The candlelight was extinguished only after the 16th Presidential Election of Korea (Dec. 19). It goes without saying that the candlelight protest of the incident of Hyosoon and Miseon exerted tremendous influence on the Korean presidential election.
The road where the traffic accident took place was a local road that was only 3.3 meters wide for either direction and had no shoulders. Demonstrating a serious lack of awareness on safety, Korea has such horrible, shoulderless local roads scattered around the country. When Hyosoon and Miseon were involved in the accident, there were vehicles moving from the other direction, while the responsible US armored carrier was 3.65 meters wide. Just another traffic accident due to the absence of shoulders, which would never have drawn attention from anyone if it was committed by some truck driven by a Korean, transformed in the hands of pro-North Korea leftists like Kim Ki-jong into an anti-American campaign and hoaxed the whole nation.
Currently, we have over 1,000 Korean soldiers stationed in 15 countries. Let's suppose a similar case in which two Korean soldiers in Afghanistan get involved in a traffic accident on a local shoulderless road, thus killing two middle school girls. And the Taliban trumpeted to the entire Afghan nation, arguing that “The Korean soldiers look down on Afghanistan so much that they have killed the schoolgirls”, which gathers a 100,000-strong crowd who hold a protest castigating Korea and the Korean forces. Even so, would Korea put the two young innocent solders in the Afghan court as requested by the Talian and have them do some jail time? Would it be the best for the Korean military and the people of Korea? If something like that happens, we would withdraw our troops from Afghanistan. This is exactly what pro-NK leftists like Kim Ki-jong want to see happen.
As everyone must know, North Korea fears most the presence of the US forces in Korea. So long as the American forces stay on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea cannot get away with any kind of provocation. So, North Korea endlessly wages its anti-American campaign with pro-NK leftists as its minions up front. The pro-NK leftist minions will blow up anything that is related to America. “You get mad cow disease if you just use sanitary napkins and diapers.” “The disease is air-borne.” Over 50% of the Korean people bought into such grotesque suggestions, so we know how skillful the pro-NK leftist minions are in propaganda and agitation.
Having been involved in a number of cyber elections as an online reputation manager, I know too well that there are countless pro-NK leftist minions of Kim Jong Un operating online. On the other hand, National Intelligence Service (NIS), which has been embattled online with those pro-NK leftist minions, now has its former director imprisoned for allegedly interfering in the national presidential election. Now pinioned, how can NIS carry out online and offline battles against tens of thousands of Kim Ki-jong? This is Korea, as shameful as it is.
When North Korea and pro-NK leftists just die to see the American forces out of South Korea for their survival, why is it that Korean people are so easily duped by the propaganda related to America, a US ally, among others? This must be because of the inferiority complex that Korean people have against America, a rich savior country that rescued the Republic of Korea in the Korean War. Koreans at once envy America and hate her for no clear reason. It is in the same logic that many Koreans harbor both envy and jealousy of chaebols that led the modernization of the country. Thus, the three generations of the North Korean leadership, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un astutely exploit the inferiority complex that the Koreans have against America in their anti-American campaign. In the same way, Hitler misled the Germans by exploiting the envy and jealousy that they had of the rich Jews.
Now, Korea now boasts the world's eighth largest trade volume of over 1-trillion dollars. Samsung Electronics, now the only viable rival for Apple, is a Korean company. And the Korean Wave, originating from Korea, is now speedily eating into the cultural territory of America, when the entire world is dominated by the popular culture of America. K-Wave from Korea performs successfully where the popular cultures of France, Germany, China, and Japan have fluttered.
We know a punch line from the flick, Ode to My Father, which goes like, “My life as such has been quite OK, right? But it‘s been really tough.” No other country has been through what Korea has been through. Now, we can take some pride in what we are. Let’s get done with the inferiority complex against America and let's have some respect with regard to America and American soldiers, just like the US Ambassador has done. For that purpose, more than anything else, we must identify and uproot other pro-NK leftist minions like Kim Ki-jong and isolate them from all so nice citizens of Korea. This is why National Intelligence Service should stake its honor in expanding its role.
Korea as such has been OK, and let's go together with America

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맥신코리아 소개
맥신코리아(대표 한승범)는 온라인 평판 관리 전문기업이다. 맥신코리아는 사람·회사·브랜드의 ‘온라인 평판(reputation)’을 모니터 할 뿐만 아니라 적극적으로 관리해주는 서비스를 제공해 준다. 고객의 ‘온라인 평판(reputation)’ 위기를 기회로 바꾸어 주는 것이 맥신코리아의 궁극적인 목표이다. 맥신코리아는 2009년 중소기업청장, 2010년 보건복지부장관 표창장 수상한 바 있다.


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