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Everlasting and Eco-friendly Gift for K-POP Stars, ‘Star Forest’ Expands to 40 Worldwide

Fandom culture has evolved into a charitable activity to create forests in cities or developing countries

News provided by Tree Planet, Inc.
March 06, 2015 13:45 KST
  • K-POP Group EXO Baekhyun Forest at Neulbut park, Gangnam-gu in Seoul city.

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) March 06, 2015 -- Tree Planet(, a social venture in Korea, launched ‘Star Forest’ project, establishing forests named after celebrities, such as G-Dragon Forest, Girls’ Generation Forest and EXO Lay Forest.

‘Star Forest’ is an eco-friendly project of Tree Planet, fundraised from fans of K-pop stars including EXO D.O and Big Bang. So far, around 40 forests have been created across the world including Korea, Africa and India.

Star Forest is a special gift for both celebrities and their fans because the trees planted in each forest keep growing and fans can visit the forests named after their favorite stars anytime. A Chinese fan that participated in Star Forest project said, “It is great for the fans to have a special location where we can get together. We hope the forest we have created for our favorite star will grow to become more and more luxuriant in the years to come.” Celebrities themselves have also started participating in this project by visiting their forests, taking photos there and sending words of appreciation to their fans through SNS.

Tree Planet CEO, Hyungsoo Kim, who had been creating forests for TVXQ, SHINee and Yang Yo-seop of Beast, explained the significance of Star Forest project saying “Although everyone is aware that environment issues are serious, there are not many channels through which individuals can participate in solving these problems. Star Forest project, which began with a request from fans, is contributing to solving environmental issues as tens of thousands of fans are participating in creating forests. Recently, fans from China, Hong Kong and Japan are applying for participation through e-mail or online. This positive fandom culture is spreading across the world.”

Anyone can participate in Tree Planet’s Star Forest project by making an application in the company’s website ( and can create forests named after celebrities anywhere in the world, including China, Japan, Africa and the U.S.

Tree Planet expressed anticipation for Star Forest to be built in China, Japan and Taiwan saying “As more and more fans from across the world are applying for participation, we expect that the number of forests in local areas to solve pollution issues will increase.”


Tree Planet, Inc.
Sohee Kim,

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