Dec 10, 2014 18:30 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
Dorco Sold Razors Worldwide Can Circle Earth Four Times
  • - Dorco exported high quality razors to more than 100 countries worldwide
    - Launched a web video ‘Shaving is Art’ demonstrating the value of its product
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) December 10, 2014 -- Dorco, a leading Korean company that specializes in manufacturing and exporting the highest quality razors, set a global sales record this year. Worldwide sales of Dorco’s razor to customers totaled 20 billion units in 2014, an increase of 26% from 2013. The entire length of all razors ever sold can circle 4 times of the earth’s circumference.

Dorco product line includes razors, razor blades, kitchen knives, and stationery cutters. Its flagship product Dorco Pace 6 Plus is the world’s first six-blade razor offering a true one-stroke shaving solution. The lubricating strip contains aloe, vitamin E, and lavender oil designed to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin. Furthermore, its tilting head enhances shaving precision and leave fewer obstacles for debris accumulation.

With growing market share worldwide, Dorco has exported to more than 100 countries. The company manufactures customer-oriented products to global retail and wholesale markets including Sainsbury, Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi, and so forth in Europe, and CVS, Walgreen, K-Mart, Dollar General, and so forth in North America. Dorco may be the dark horse in the razor industry, offering the high-blade technology, high-quality razor at an affordable price.

To commemorate its high global sales record and to further increase its overseas exposure, Dorco has recently released a new commercial and web video. The film entertains and informs the viewer, demonstrating the value and fun of the product. In addition, the web video tells a story with a focus on humor, quality and products. Through the video, Dorco emphasizes that shaving is art and its products are the tools suitable for an artist.

In becoming the world’s number one provider of quality shaving systems, disposable razors, kitchen knives, and cutters, Dorco has strived for excellence through continuous improvements. The company will continue to develop new technologies and innovative products to better serve the needs of consumers. With the aim of developing environmentally sustainable products, Dorco plans to become one of the top global leaders in the razor business by 2020.

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