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Politician’s Public Crime, A Social Novel ‘Ideal Man’ Is Now Available On Amazon

A social novel that sheds light on the uncomfortable truth of sweat, tears and public crime, ‘Ideal Man’ is a social novel based on a true story of facing the uncomfortable truth head-on

News provided by Gyeong Nam Culture Agency
June 05, 2014 15:51 KST
  • Ideal Man_a social novel by Eung Sang Park

  • Ideal Man a social novel by Eung Sang Park on Amazon

  • Author Eung Sang Park

JINJU,KOREA--(Korea Newswire) June 05, 2014 -- Novelist Eung Sang Park published ‘Ideal Man’, a social novel based on a true story about the reality of public crimes that stomp on the efforts made towards realizing one’s dream. With a message that ‘a society that stays silent on public crimes has no future’,

Park had published the novel Dream of Yudeung in a series in Gyeongnam Daily newspaper in 2013 when the city of Jinju and the city of Seoul were butting heads over a lantern festival.

He sheds new light on the value and meaning of lanterns within the context of JinjuNamgang Lantern Festival and emphasizes the solidarity of Jinju citizens and their love for lanterns in the face of their conflict with the larger city of Seoul.

‘Ideal Man’ addresses the issue of public crimes that go unnoticed by the public a real social evil but are often committed by deeply rooted practices of administrative bodies. It is a story about courageous citizens who face head-on the realities of politics where a violation of intellectual property rights held by the city of Jinju, that is, JinjuNamgang Lantern Festival, is committed by Seoul.

It also reveals the prevailing selfishness among politicians of our times, those who look up to them as heroes, and the over 300 trillion Won worth of social cost resulting from such conflicts that no one is hold responsible for.

The novel traces these efforts while bringing to light the social injustice caused by public crimes. In a way, it is the love story of Jinju citizens towards their lanterns.

‘Ideal Man’ calls to attention the uncomfortable reality that public crimes persist while also relaying a love story of the youth that hold their dreams close to their hearts.

The accomplices of the public crime, not to mention the entire country, had kept mum even when the intellectual property of citizens, the result of several decades of efforts was just taken away in an instant.

The city of Jinju kept hanging in there, to uphold the city’s unique tradition and heritage. Yet, the fact that this horrible public crime was the result of letting the culprit and his accomplices run wild cannot be ignored.

The novel highlights the need for ordinary citizens to wake up to this sad reality and fight against the exploitations of the establishment.

The main character Junho and his girlfriend Minji experience a deepening of their love while they work on a project to showcase ‘moving lanterns’ at the Namgang Lantern Festival. Junho has a grand plan to build a “theme park of lanterns on the river” where fish lanterns would look like they are jumping out of the water, and turtles, dolphins and mermaids all live in harmony.

Junho’s imagination envisages a new world. He even goes so far as to learn how to make lanterns to recreate the images of dragons and storks flying across the night sky the way he envisions them in his imagination.

Lanterns are also a means to tell the strong spirit of Jinju people and their unique love of lanterns, that dates back all the way to when the Gaecheon Art Festival was first held to re-enact the lanterns that were floated on the Nam River during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 as a way to bring together the nation’s people.

As selfishness and corruption on today’s world, Minji asks who has really made an effort. After giving up on her real dream of becoming a lantern artist, Minji heads to Seoul. After witnessing the opening ceremony of Seoul’s Lantern Festival, she is once again disgusted by the public crime and tries to call people to action but people couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile the main character Junho feels an obligation to make the Jinju Festival something worthy of handing down to the next generation, a project he gets started on after being inspired by his dad’s dream of lanterns.

His efforts take place amidst rising tension between Seoul and Jinju over the legitimacy of Seoul’s lantern festival. Who would be willing to make an effort to display their creativity if the only result waiting for them is being ripped off by those who hadn’t made a single effort? Public crimes need to be cracked down, and those who knowingly commit them need to be brought to justice.

A society where the value of efforts is recognized by all would be a society on its way to solving many of its social issues.

* Biography of the author Eung Sang Park
Born in Munsan of Jinju City, Gyeongsangnamdo Province in South Korea, Park is known for his fantasy novel ‘The Man Who Imagines’, featuring a main character that is able to turn all that he imagines into reality. He is also the author of “Work and Homework” that aims to deliver the message that people should be encouraged to do what they are drawn to, rather than be forced to do something else. His recent works include novels “A.I. Toy”, “The Thief of Imagination and The Great Adventures of Park”, “Work and Homework”, “Life’s Universe, My Galaxy” and a collection of poetry, “Life’s Universe, My Galaxy, The First Light, volume 1 & 2”. “My Galaxy” is a buildungsroman told through philosophy and poetry, with a theme that “the greatest dream of mankind is to have his own universe.” A social novel, “Ideal Man” was published while he was editing “The Dream of Yudeung” which was published as a series in a daily newspaper.


Eung Sang Park

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