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Eco-friendly construction materials company Anywood introduces high quality transparent soundproof walls

Like a scenic picture inside a frame
Enables partial replacement, efficient for maintenance and cost reduction

News provided by Anywood
November 15, 2013 13:13 KST
  • Anywood’s transparent soundproof wall

HOENGSEONG--(Korea Newswire) November 15, 2013 -- Anywood (CEO Cheol Hwan Im) is an eco-friendly construction materials company that seeks after natural beauty. Anywood has introduced in October the separable reflective soundproof wall and plate (transparent soundproof wall) following the separable sound absorbing wall. The company will register the item for Public Procurement Service’s MAS by mid-November.

The separable synthetic wood transparent soundproof wall is designed to go well with surrounding environment. Allowing partial replacement when a part of laminated glass is damaged, this product reduces maintenance cost by large. The part other than the synthetic wood frame is transparent, so it can make the outside scenery look like a scenic picture in a frame. It does not block one’s view and coordinates well with existing wooden soundproof walls.

The frame of the transparent soundproof wall is made of synthetic wood, therefore has semi-permanent durability and achieves natural harmony with surroundings.

Since it is an assembly type (frame), it can be installed in any place that requires soundproofing - park, apartment, wayside, and around railroad tracks. Also, the size can be adjusted to consider the needs e.g. topography.

Unlike other soundproof walls, it does not make people feel cramped since it does not block their view. In particular, when it is installed around schools or by roads, it helps with safety.

Anywood’s separable soundproof plate and transparent soundproof plate allow partial replacement, which means the parts that are damaged or stained can be replaced without having to change the entire wall. This helps the wall to maintain its soundproof performance while reducing the budget.

Moreover, using the two materials - wood (absorbing) soundproof wall and transparent (reflective) soundproof wall - together could help constructing an aesthetically pleasing building that improves the appearance of the city.

There already has been made 350 orders by the Korea Highway Corporation, the Public Procurement Service, and others.

Individuals could also purchase the product by calling the headquarters at 033-343-9054.



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