Nov 14, 2013 16:02 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
University Hospital Recognizes the Quality of JNPharm LLC. Skin Regenerating Cream Dr. DERMACH
Dr. DERMACH lotion, cleanser, cream (from left)
CHUNCHEON--(Korea Newswire) November 14, 2013 -- JNPharm LLC. (CEO Sung Pil Kwon)’s skin regenerating cream Dr. DERMACH ( is now commercialized. Dr. DERMACH is a regenerating cream that prevents aging and takes care of skin troubles. JNPharm LLC. has applied the protein transduction technology for this cream.

The protein transduction is a technology used to inject protein and DNA into the cells (previously, it was difficult to inject those inside the cells). Therefore the cream is proven to be more effective in regenerating skin compared to other products

Dr. DERMACH directly injects fibroblast cell growth factors, not generally used cell growth factors, quickly and safely to the derma layer, with skin phosphorylation, directly going through the cells.

Also, the main ingredients include organic jojoba oil (vegetable oil with the most similar to the skin structure), natural ceramides (a stratum corneum constituent), and hyaluronic acid with excellent moisturizing effect. There ingredients allow Dr. DERMACH to control skin that has become overly sensitive due to external stimulations and moisture the skin.

Aged skin loses elasticity with the loss of elastin and collagen and gains wrinkles and troubles. If the skin is not protected from external damages, dryness and squama worsens. JNPharm LLC.’s Dr. DERMACH will be effective in managing this type of skin, as well.

JNPharm LLC. Personnel explained that since Dr. DERMACH cream regenerates the cells in the derma layer, it would be more effective if the user receives laser and ultrasonic treatments.

The developer of Dr. DERMACH JNPharm LLC. operates a skin science research center and owns a cosmetics brand Peausque ( that focuses on moisturizing and caringatopic dermatitis. Recently it has developed a toothpaste for its dental care brand Dr. Dermach Dental Care Premium that is effective for preventing gingivitis, periodontitis, and other gum diseases, and is preparing to start its sales at hospitals.
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