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Body Care Brand Hello Everybody Holds 2nd Anniversary Special Event

News provided by GreenSolutions
November 11, 2013 13:14 KST
  • Products of Nature Holic

CHOUNCHOEN--(Korea Newswire) November 11, 2013 -- The body care brand Hello Everybody from Green Solutions INC. (CEO Nam Kyung Kim) is to hold a special event on November 11st.

This event celebrates the second anniversary of Hello Everybody, which was launched on November 11, 2011. The event will include 1+1 event and various gift giveaways.

Personnel from Hello Everybody said, “This event is to express our gratitude for all the customers who have used our products.”

Hello Everybody mainly produces body care products that use natural vegetable ingredients researched and developed by the company. The products are actively sold online.

With unique scent and design, the products are loved by women in their 20s and 30s who would like to show their character. The products also boast its effect in bringing dramatic changes to the skin along with other benefits.

So far, Hello Everybody has been holding various events for its customers and sold its products at a discounted price. Customer satisfaction and reviews are on the website to read.



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