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Photographer Noh Sang-hyun Presents ‘Flowing Amid the Freeze--Tokyo & Beijing’

News provided by Abnormal
October 02, 2013 13:00 KST
  • Photographer Noh Sang-hyun prepared an online photographic exhibition, containing themes of Tokyo and Beijing, under the title of “Flowing Amid the Freeze– Tokyo & Beijing” at his Internet gallery Abnormal ( )

SEOUL, KOREA--(Korea Newswire) October 02, 2013 -- Photographer Noh Sang-hyun has prepared an online photographic exhibition, containing themes of Tokyo and Beijing, under the title of “Flowing Amid the Freeze- Tokyo & Beijing.”
The basic concept of the exhibition, which is displaying at his Internet gallery Abnormal ( ) through Oct 30, is “flowing while seemingly suspended.” It contains more than 30 works captured in Tokyo and Beijing.
A distinctive aspect of the photo works is that the camera is the central subject. The images of Tokyo and Beijing are blurred and rattled as if they are in flowing motion. The vividness with which the camera presents the translucent-like images emphasizes its particular characteristics.
The flowing nature of the subjects in the photographs shows a clear contrast that the clarity of the camera maintains, as if remaining still and lost with nowhere to go in the rapidly moving surroundings of two of the largest cities in Asia.
Those visually experiencing the pieces get the feeling that they are standing tall and firm in the chaotic cityscape. Simultaneously, it evokes a strong sense of contrast between the world and the observer.
“The central concept of the exhibition is to help experience the contrast between oneself and a world that excludes oneself, bringing into reality the realization that every element in the world is somewhat different,” Noh explained.
“It is my hope that those who choose to be a part of the exhibition will come to recognize that while they themselves are different from one other, they need not regard their relationships as being dominating or conflicting,” the photographer added.
While the theme maintains a certain spectrum of uniformity, the underlying meaning of photographs taken in Tokyo and Beijing are rather different. The camera in photos from Tokyo depicts images with the lens looking into the subjects while that from works in Beijing appears to be directed at the viewer.
The images captured in Tokyo as seen through the camera present the perspective of people looking at the world while those from Beijing are designed for observers to see themselves from different angles of life, Noh reflected.
Further elaboration on the concept and intentions of the photographic works can be obtained by contacting Noh at Tel: 82-2-987-2869 and 82-10-4844-2869 (cell), or by e-mailing


Noh Sang-hyun
+82-10-4844-2869 (cell)

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