Sep 30, 2013 16:20 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
Anywood’s ‘S-wood’ that is light weighted synthetic wood for common consumers
(Example) A country house made of S-Wood
HOENGSEONG--(Korea Newswire) September 30, 2013 -- Anywood (CEO: Lim Cheol-han), a manufacturer of environmental friendly systhetic wood, announced development of ‘S-wood’ that is light weight synthetic wood.

On February 12, 2013, Anywood had developed light weighted S-wood that had lower specific gravity than common type of synthetic wood.
In other words, common type of synthetic wood had 1.2 of specific gravity, while S-wood had 0.85 of specific gravity. S-wood made of wood and PVC has minute air layer to lower specific gravity.
S-wood has greatly reduced transportation costs owing to light weight to supply it to consumers at reasonable prices. S-wood with intensive technology of Anywood has as good quality and strength as existing synthetic wood product has.

S-wood has good insulation, water-resistance and flame resistance owing to minute air layers. S-wood can endure outdoor environment in the nation having four seassons.
Common type of synthetic wood is difficult to nail and easy to split: But, S-wood is easy to nail like natural wood. You can make use of tools such as saw and plane, nail and piece for wide applications.
You can produce various kinds of outdoor deck board, fence and exterior decoration of buildings by using S-wood.
S-wood can be used for country house that has been popular these days.

Anywood has develoed environment friendly NFC (Natural Fiber Composite) to have good performance of urban noise barrier projects. S-wood has supplemented disadvantages of common type of wooden made noise barrier to be supplied to many local government projects.

Anywood said, “We hope that S-wood with reasonable price and good quality is able to satisfy consumers.” Inquire of S-wood by Anywood homepage and get in touch with Anywood over telephone.
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