Sep 30, 2013 15:27 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
More Demand on ‘Anywood’, an Environmental Friendly Construction Material, owing to City Fine View Project
HOENGSEONG--(Korea Newswire) September 30, 2013 -- Anywood Company (CEO; Lim Cheol-hwan) that manufactures environment friendly synthetic wood has developed environment friendly NFC (natural fiber composite) to start city fine view project.

CEO Lim Cheol-hwan of Anywood said, “The composite wood that had good quality could not be supplied enough in the market because of high price. Anywood shall open market by new product of NFC and shall develop technology continously to pay attention to prices and performance and to produce environmental friendly product.

Wood plastic composites (WPC) that was made of wood, PE and PP by using hot extrusion could not lower specific gravity. Heavy weight and plenty of material because of high specific gravity were not of help to save costs. But, Anywood has produced environmental friendly product with low specific gravity, natural texture and good durability by using wood, PVC and foaming technology.

‘Anywood’, WPC brand, can be used for not only common type of deck board but also replacement of urban noise barrier to expand business areas.

Anywood’s environmetal friendly NFC noise barrier has unique design with inherent design technology that natural wood as well as corrosion-proof wood is unable to produce. The noise barrier with specific gravity of 0,85% had light weight to have less than 8% of water content at room temperature and to have better performance and processing. The noise barrier can satisfy ultraviolet ray decoloring conditions exactly to have less changes in appearance at time elapse outdoor and to be good for exterior of buildings.

Existing noise barrier has not been in good harmony with surrounding enviroment to worsen urban scape and to contaminate noise absorption material by dusts and smoke and have no alternative at poor noise-proof: Anywood’s noise barrier has been desiged to replace noise absorption board contaminated that has good advantage of economic maintenance to differentiate from conventional type of noise barriers. Anywood has developed new product to meet demand upon urban beauty and environmental friendly material and to supply 180 pieces (360m2) of environmental friendly NFC noise barrier to Busan Municipal Government Construction Headquarters two times this year and to supply 116 pieces (232m2) of environmental friendly NFC noise barrier to Tebek city government enough to evidence good quality product.
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