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Magic Kiss dental clinic is famous for “Gummy smile treatment” internationally

News provided by Magic Kiss dental clinic
September 17, 2013 10:20 KST
  • Dr. Jung (Ph.D,MBA,DMD), the chief dentist of Magic Kiss dental clinic

서울--(Korea Newswire) September 17, 2013 -- Recently, Ronaldinho unveils new smile . Ronaldinho who is the 33-year-old famous soccer player underwent dental cosmetic surgery(minor surgery on his gums) and got porcelain veneers for buck-tooth.

In Korea, Dr. Yumi Jung(Dr. Jung, Ph.D, MBA, DMD), renowned cosmetic dentist, who is a chief dentist of Magic Kiss dental clinic is pleased to offer her patent-pending gummy smile to correct various cases of gummy smile.

‘Gummy smile’ is a smile in which the gums appear to be disproportionately large compared to teeth when someone smiles. It doesn’t look gorgeous. Thus, recently, many people including foreigners visit Magic Kiss dental clinic and consult Dr. Jung to treat gummy smile.

Gummy smile can be caused by various reasons like wider jaw bone, lip retraction, too much activation of some smiling muscles, which is what makes surgery to fix a gummy smile complicated such as orthodontic treatment, gum surgery, gummy smile Botox injection, muscles repositioning and so on.

Actually, due to these reasons, many foreigners as well as many Koreans visit to Magic Kiss dental clinic. . This clinic has English-speaking doctors and staffs. They can explain the whole procedure to fix gummy smile according to causes of gummy smiles.

In this clinic, you can fix within only 5 minutes through a variety of Laser gum surgery and Botox injection, or porcelain veneers. If someone wants to more complicated surgery, he needs to consult prior to choose his treatment. The average recovery period of most laser surgery to fix gummy smile is only a few hours. But, smiling muscles repositioning surgery has longer recovery period around 1week. But, anyone can choose another procedure like gum bleaching, teeth bleaching and laser frenectomy also to save total time for treatment and recovery, and psychosedation to relax and feel comprtable in dental practice.

Especially, Dr. Jung(Yumi Jung) is an advisory of many TV programs regarding medical like all seasons which are season 1, 2 and 3 of <LET ME IN> of Story ON TV and SBS. In addition, she worked as a news anchor of Medical fox TV.


Magic Kiss dental clinic
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