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Psy will exceed over 4 billion views this year, ‘Gentleman’ falls short of ‘Gangnam Style’

Gentleman' gets 500 million views on YouTube Psy might exceed 4 billion views this year
Psy‘s ’Gentleman‘ attracts 500 million views on YouTube, #2 in the world after ’Gangnam Style'

News provided by KWRI-Korean Wave Research Institute
August 01, 2013 17:14 KST
  • Days to 500 Million Views

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) August 01, 2013 -- International singer Psy‘s music video ’Gentleman‘ has attracted 500 million views as of July 31, only 110 days after its release on YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing website. It is the world‘s second fastest record after his ’Gangnam Style‘ (98 days). Since the number one and two music videos with over 500 million views on YouTube belong to Psy, he has demonstrated that he is not a singer with ’one-hit wonder'.
Currently, the number three video with over 500 million views is Jennifer Lopez‘s ’On The Floor‘ (362 days) and number four is Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ (402 days), which took more than 3 times as long to hit 500 million mark.
Despite the milestone of world‘s number two with over 500 million views, ’Gentleman‘ seems to fall short of ’Gangnam Style' which has accomplished an unprecedented number of views of 1.7 billion.
‘Gentleman’ gained its momentum by exceeding 400 million views on Youtube in 55 days on June 7. It was 31 days faster than ‘Gangnam Style.’ However, it took as many as 55 days for ‘Gentleman’ to add 100 million views to 400 million. As a result, long-term competitors of ‘Gentleman’ as to YouTube views are likely Justin Bieber‘s ’Baby‘ (876.11 million) and Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On The Floor’ (681.17 million), the number two and three contenders, instead of ‘Gangnam Style,’ the world's number one.
“Apparently, the performance of ‘Gentleman’ has been somewhat underestimated in the shadow of ‘Gangnam Style, ”says YuSong KWRI (Korean Wave Research Institute) President Han Seung-bum. However, he highly evaluated the accomplishment of ’Gentleman‘ by saying “ ’Gentleman' has been a huge success and a critical factor that has imprinted the brand PSY all over the world.”
President Han added “Psy‘s next song is <PSY Effect> which is set to be released this September. Its popularity equivalent of ’Gentleman‘ is almost guaranteed and its new popularity will raise the views of ’Gangnam Style‘ and ’Gentleman‘ at the same time.” “As a result, Psy’s official YouTube channel which is the world‘s number four at the moment (3 billion views) will beat the world’s number one pop star Rihanna (3.9 billion views) and number two Justin Bieber (3.88 billion views) and rise to number one status this year at its earliest,” predicted Han.
Meanwhile, Psy is working on his new album while staying in LA. On July 30, he announced via Twitter that his three new songs are completed.



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