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The President and Minister of Forestry of Republic of Indonesia and Cristiano Ronaldo to Conduct Mangrove Planting in Bali

News provided by Indonesian Ministry of Forestry
June 26, 2013 16:47 KST

BALI, INDONESIA--(Korea Newswire) June 26, 2013 -- President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan, and the top-notch world football player Cristiano Ronaldo will conduct the mangrove planting on June 26, 2013 in Bali. The event entitled “Save Mangrove Save Earth 2013” is expected to be attended by a number of ambassadors, the Indonesian ministers and institutional leaders, a number of public figures and environmental activists.

Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to be the Care Forum Ambassador of Balinese Mangrove, which means he is the Indonesian Mangrove Ambassador as well. The Care Forum Mangrove is a forum where all the environmental activists, especially the mangrove activists, can align their vision as well as planning and manifesting the mangrove protection, conservation, and utilization.

Indonesia has approximately 3.7 million hectares of mangrove forest, which is ranked the largest in Asia and even in the world. According to a number of researches, the mangrove forest is able to capture carbon footprint up to five times more than the land forest. Even though that the Indonesian mangrove forest is only approximately 2% of the entire Indonesian forest, it certainly can store up to 10% of the Indonesia's carbon footprint.

Therefore, the existence of the mangrove forest supports the 26% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which can be achieved by own effort and 41% emission reduction with the international collaboration in 2020 - the commitment led by the President Yudhoyono. The commitment has already been imprinted and actualized in the Ministry of Forestry's development programs that include mangrove ecosystem management oriented to the integrated and sustainable programs as ordered in the Presidential Regulation No.73 of 2012 about the National Strategy of the Indonesian Mangrove Ecosystem Management.


Ir. Erna Rosdiana, MSi,
Head of Public Relation

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