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Sunjin F&B Launches Instant Food Convenient Like Ramen - Yet with More Nutrition

Simple cooking by pouring hot water
Freeze drying technology to ensure both taste and health

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June 10, 2013 11:42 KST
  • Sunjin F&B lanuched freeze-dried foods.

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) June 10, 2013 -- Sunjin F&B (CEO Seoksam Yang,, 070-4405-8249) lanuched freeze-dried foods ‘Instant Hot-Pepper-Paste Vegetable Bibimbap’, ‘Instant Seafood Spicy Soup Ramen Rice’, and ‘Instant Yukgaejang Ramen Rice’ that can be enjoyed after simple cooking.

The freeze-dried foods recently launched by Sunjin F&B only need hot water for cooking, like normal cup ramens.

The freeze-drying technology used for these instant foods facilitates preservation and transportation with almost no change in the food content. The technology is based on sublimation which changes frozen moisture into water vapor by using water’s triple point. To accelerate sublimation, the frozen food is heated in high-degree vacuum, but the heat of vaporization is absorbed when the moisture vaporizes, so that the food dries slowly while maintaining the frozen state.

This technology was used only for high-priced products such as microorganism, medial products, and enzymes because drying without heat requiers a long time and high production cost, which makes it difficult to be used for commercial purposes. The space food that Korea’s first astronaut Soyeon Lee ate in the space was also developed by using this technology. The freeze-drying technology that was used for only limited areas due to long production period and high cost became available for popular commercial use thanks to the unique technology based on the ‘manufacturing process of a instant dried rice (특허 제 10-0980386)’ patented by Sunjin F&B.

The instant foods recently launched in a cup format, based on the marketing affiliation with SND Food has almost no moisture, and, therefore, light and highly preservable as they can be stored in room temperature for about one year. The pouch-type instant foods for leisure activities like mountaineering or fishing are also widely sold.

Freeze-dried foods become porous without changing the shape or tissue, and are easily restored when hyrolyzed while maintaining their unique taste and color. The newly launched ‘Instant Hot-Pepper-Paste Vegetable Bibimabp’, ‘Instant Seafood Spicy Soup Ramen Rice’, and ‘Instant Yukgaejang Ramen Rice’ are made with rice, as opposed to wheat flour, the main ingredient of most instant foods in the market. Targetting Koreans’ preference for cooked rice to noodles, the patented technology ‘MSG-free seasoning (patent no: 10-0837677)’ensured health as well. Sunjin F&B’s instant rice captured the original color, nutrition, and looks as if the rice was cooked just now without using seasoning or preservatives.

The instant foods of Sunjin F&B are now available in PC rooms and mountaineering and fishing shops, and will soon become available in convenient stores as well. Before the official launch in Korea, the products are exported to Russia and Australia among others and are planned to be supplied to Thailand and Czech Republic.


Sunjin F&B

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Sunjin F&B

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