Nov 05, 2012 11:29 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
Nakchun Co., Ltd., a Korean rice wine manufacturing company, released ‘Gijangsoo Pumpkin draft Makgeolli’
Nakchun Gijangsoo Pumpkin draft Makgeolli
DONGHAE--(Korea Newswire) November 5, 2012 -- Nakchun Co., Ltd.,(CEO Jae-Gi Sung, a Korean makgeolli manufacturing company, released the “Gijangsoo Pumpkin draft Makgeolli”.

The product that has been recently released is the draft takju(turbid rice-wine) that has the live yeasts since it does not undergo the process of sterilization; thereby, being enjoyed by men and women of all with the addition of natural gijangsoo, which is generated from the loess rock layer of 150m underground, and pumpkins. In particular, it has a rich taste and it gives more sensation of refreshment with the carbonate generated by natural fermentation.

Gijangsoo, used in manufacturing makgeolli, is “the water in which loess sank”; thus, it has a large amount of minerals of the loess rock layer. And it enables drinkers to drink more smoothly since it uses gijangsoo, which has been consistently leveraged in traditional Chinese medicine based on the prescription of “Donguibogam".

The quality assurance period of the “Gijangsoo Pumpkin draft Makgeolli”, which uses the domestic white rice and pumpkin as main ingredients, is 30 days from the manufacturing date, and the capacity is 750ml, the alcoholicity is 6%.

“We have been recently receiving good responses from the retailers since releasing the Gijangsoo Pumpkin draft Makgeolli that has the excellent sensation of refreshment and taste,” Dong Geun Oh, Director of Nakchun Co., Ltd., said. “We expect to have a variety of product marketing and an increasing trend in revenues as we have completed the brand line-up with the previously released Gijangsoo Pumpkin Makgeolli, which was the sterilized takju (turbid rice-wine), and the recently released Gijangsoo Pumpkin draft Makgeolli.”

Nakchun Co., Ltd. is planning to promote the products through participating in a variety of makgeolli festivals in the wake of new product launch. The company has already participated in the “10th Korea Makgeolli Festival” held from October 6 to 7 and the “2012 Korea Traditional Liquor Grand Festival” held from October 25 to 28 to introduce the flagship makgeolli products. And the company will participate in the “2012 Gangwon Food Expo” to be held from November 15.

Nakchun Co., Ltd. is the flagship makgeolli manufacturer of Gangwon region to manufacture high grade, tasty and hygienic makgeolli as it has developed the advanced manufacturing technology through building the automated production line with the latest modern facility. In addition, the company has been conducting the best quality maintenance and stable management of fermentation with its own research institute.
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