Mar 27, 2012 10:20 Asia/Seoul Time Zone
Citibank Korea Had Signing Ceremony for ‘Darae Class’ with YWCA Korea
  • -Launched this year to raise awareness on the necessity to provide after-school education to teenagers from multi-cultural families
    -1 teacher assigned to every five students to offer Korean classes and field trip programs
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) March 27, 2012 -- Citibank Korea Inc. (CEO Ha, Yung-ku, had a signing ceremony for “Darae Class,” an after-school education program for teenagers from multi-cultural families, with YWCA Korea (President Cha, Kyeong-ae, at YWCA bldg. in Myeongdong on Mar. 27. During the ceremony, the bank delivered USD 200,000 contribution from Citi Foundation to the association.

“Darae Class,” meaning the class for the future of the teenagers from multi-cultural families, is an after-school education program launched jointly by Citibank Korea and YWCA Korea with an aim to raise awareness on the necessity of educating teenagers from low-income multi-cultural families and lend them such support. The program is targeted for children from immigrant families, teenagers deserted from North Korea, midway entering teenagers, and the ordinary teenagers from low-income bracket living in the non-Seoul areas. For the next one year, a teacher will be assigned to every five students to offer them reading classes, field trip experiences twice a week. This year, the first year of the program implementation, 180 teenagers (5, and 6 graders of elementary schools, middle/ high school students), and 40 teachers will join the program.

Cha, Kyeong-ae, president of YWCA Korea, said in the signing ceremony, “Those teenagers are also valuable members of the Korean society. Please show your interest in them so that they can prepare for the future by themselves.”

Imm, Yun-Bin, COO of CKI, also expressed his expectation of the program saying, “I hope that this program will give hope and dream to the teenagers from multi-cultural families and that they will grow into talents of the country.”

Darae Class holds significance in that it presents an opportunity for the teenagers from multi-cultural families and ordinary families to come together to help the former regain self-confidence and better adapt to school life while giving the latter the change to learn the culture and history of different countries, moving Korea a step closer toward a true multi-cultural society. In the survey on the ‘biggest difficulty in educating elementary school kids in multi-cultural families’ done by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 23.3% of the respondents said the main problem was helping the kids study at home, 19.8% replied helping them do homework, and 27.4% answered tuition fees. Considering the results of the survey, the study support program like Darae Class will greatly help the targeted teenagers enhance their learning abilities.

In addition to the newly launched Darae Class, Citibank Korea is also operating ‘Citi-JA Hero’ program for the multi-cultural teenagers living in Seoul in partnership with JA Korea, an international non-profit finance education institute, to provide them with the learning ability enhancement program and character education program.
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