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Hicel Anounced Smartphone Healthcare Device Through MWC 2012

Developed the world’s first healthcare band that reduces the stress and induce rebound-free diet effect
Watch-shaped band Application that reduces stress and induce deep sleep at night through optimized breathing
The first MWC 2012 product by collaboration with Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s Smardi Project Team and smart design by Denian Kim, the world-class designer from Philips
Under negation with major carriers in the United States and Japan and is aiming to achieve $40 million worth of exporting by end of year

News provided by HICEL
March 20, 2012 09:18 KST
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N.Y--(Korea Newswire) March 20, 2012 -- Hicel, Company specialized in printed electronics, received supports by Ministry of Knowledge Economy through MWC, which was held in Spain at the end of February, and introduced the world’s first diet supporting health care device that reduces stress.

This product is called ‘Fitcare’ and it is a band-type small device with application so it can be used on all smartphones with Android OS. The device has stress relieving function and bound-free quick and health diet effect.

The principle of the device is to analyze DNA and pulse of the user through sensor and to show optimized breathing method for each individual through LCD screen; therefore, the user will dramatically reduce stress by following this breathing instruction and will be able to have a deep-sleep if the device is used for 10 minutes before going to bed.

Also, the Fitcare is designed by algorithm; just by putting Fitcare on the pocket, it will analyze the user’s behavior pattern for the day through three-axis sensor so it analyzes the burned calories and by giving information of burned calories to the users, the users can increase their physical activities and reduce the amount of food taken.

Mr. Donald.CHIN, the Chief manager of LAB, who has been dedicated to this product for more than 2 years said, “Fitcare isn’t just a smart phone accessory. Its efficacy and effectiveness has exceeded the high-tech medical devices used in the hospitals.

Also, since the design is based on the medical clinical data and SCI-class research papers, this product is good enough to be introduced at international medical device exhibitions or medical science seminars.

We’ve focused on our research for 2 years with a belief that a real diet should reduce weights without stress and be rebound-free and with the supports from the world-class designer Denian Kim and Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s Smardi Project Team, we were able to introduce this product to the world.”

Also, the CEO Jongseon-Yun revealed their overpowering ambition by saying, “Hicel has been world’s number 1 in the display optical film processing industry for 13 years. We will be also world’s number 1 in the mobile healthcare market as well as printing device market.”

MWC 2012, Mobile World Congress, was held in Barcelona, Spain at the end of February and during the 5 days of the successful exhibition schedule large Korean companies, such as Samsung and LG, exhibited their advanced smartphones and KT and Ministry of Knowledge Ecnomy’s Smardi Project Team exhibited smartphone-connected products, which are produced by excellent small and medium companies in Korea, and received great feedbacks from the international buyers. Among many amazing exhibited items, Fitcare made great achievement by receiving exclusive offers from flagship telecommunication companies in the United States and Japan.


COO/Chief Manager of LAB
Mr. Donald.CHIN
+(82) 31-683-0672

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COO/Chief Manager of LAB
Mr. Donald.CHIN
+(82) 31-683-0672

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